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Sheriff Arpaio enlists actor Steven Seagal to train armed school posse

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An Arizona sheriff joined forces Saturday with actor Steven Seagal to train volunteers on how to protect Phoenix-area schools from gunmen.

 Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio formed a posse of armed volunteers to help keep local schools safe, and brought in Seagal to help with the training.

Phoenix’s Fox 10 News called the action star a “trained weapons expert and law enforcement veteran of 20 years.”

Members of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team and 25 students participated in a simulated school shooting designed to teach volunteers how to approach and take down gunmen in a real-life scenario.

The news report said crowds of protesters showed up, calling the exercise “graphic and unnecessary.” Fountain Hills Councilwoman Ginny Dickey issued a statement, saying:

Images of simulated student shooting in school hallways splashed across the media are terrifying and do nothing o further the serious discussions needed by responsible adults dedicated to humbly serving our community.

I find that incredibly naïve and respectfully ask the councilwoman to get her head out of the sand. “Discussions” will not keep students safe, but a posse of 500 trained, armed volunteers just might.

Watch the Fox 10 news report here:

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