Another brutal Islamist activity at FAU condoned by officials

Florida Atlantic UniversityUnbeknownst to 99 percent of the Boca Raton community, our own Florida Atlantic University campus has been taken over again by radical Islamists — and with the strong-armed support of the Boca Raton Police Department. For good measure, throw in the FAU administration, which displayed its lack of backbone last year when it caved in to the Students for Justice in Palestine’s taping of hate messages on student dorm doors.   FAU’s Hillel chapter blew it off as merely “unacceptable.”

Anything to placate the administration of that school and to hide the encroachment of Islam on the campus. But when Islamists are given an inch, they go for the mile.

On Feb. 6, the Tom Trento TV/radio crew attempted to sit in on a public meeting at FAU, where Greta Berlin, a noted Jew/Israeli hater, was to speak.

The crew was denied entry into this advertised, public, taxpayer-supported event and threatened with arrest by a Boca police officer, who claimed he was taking his orders from “the building manager.” Enough said about constitutional rights when up against ignorant, civil service employees.

So where was Hillel during this evening of school-supported Jew-hatred?  A student who witnessed a discussion between Scott Brockman, the campus’ Hillel director, and Trento, told me that Brockman admonished Trento for his “aggressive” tactics and said it reflected badly on the few Hillel students who were actually in the room during Berlin’s rant. Trento politely disagreed with Brockman and said he and his team were there to confront and expose these cultural jihadists who hate Jews and Christians so that all of Boca Raton and the world could see what is truly behind the leftist propaganda movement named “Israeli Apartheid Week.”

The TrentoVision video team was not allowed to record what Berlin and the other speakers were telling their audience, mostly made up Muslim students and non-students. But, as so often happens, the light of truth finds its way out through the cracks in the walls of hate censorship. Apparently, a student who sat in on this hate session called me to report that Berlin, to the enthusiastic response of her audience, denounced the Holocaust as a fabrication of worldwide Jewry. She said Jews were complicit with the Nazi regime in controlling financial institutions around the world. She called the Rothchilds and “Jewish-controlled” Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, Salomon Brothers and Lehmann Brothers “war mongers” for profit.

We are entering an age when sixth-century Islam has been resurrected to achieve Mohammed’s goal of worldwide Caliphate. This “new world” would be run by Islam, the Koran and its Sharia laws to govern every individual and each inch of soil on this planet.  We are on the way.

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Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


51 thoughts on “Another brutal Islamist activity at FAU condoned by officials

  1. Stephen says:

    Barry, my apology is sincere, I realized I was guilty of putting words in your mouth, and I am sorry for that. What Muslim terrorists do fills me with anger as well… I was never, ever trying to get you or anyone to turn a blind eye to that! And I'm glad to see we agree that with Obama we have a very real threat (setting aside all the OTHER threats) that doing nothing more than petitioning our government for a redress of grievances – which, I hate to say, have grown to a pretty damned long list of grievances – makes one an Enemy of the State, or of "the people"…. and, not unlike under a Stalin, you will be dead to rights. And that's the thing – great and civilized nations have gone down that path before, and if that happens to America it really, truly does mean the end of everything we hold dear! So many of us have ancestors who came here seeking refuge from the tyranny that all too often is the normal condition of nations – but if America goes, where ON EARTH does anyone who loves liberty escape to? And if the American people are so ready to give up those liberties, what am I to make of the sacrifices made to secure those liberties? Have we really honored them, or just paid lip-service?? It seems too many have lost sight of how it's everybody's job to defend freedom.

    We've been facing a lot of these trends for a long time, but Obama has upped the ante considerably… and if I thought that the Left was good for ANYTHING, it would be as a check against exactly the kind of tyranny that Obama represents. And it is both shocking and sad to see how almost all of them are completely silent about these things…. if Bush had done it, WE WOULD HEAR NO END OF PROTEST from these types, and for crying out loud, all he had to do was be black, and tell them some crap they wanted to hear, and they are COMPLETELY BLINDED to his crimes….

    And I also agree with you that the general network of terrorist murderers who want to set up a global Caliphate are the scum of the earth, and need to get killed. I think the prospect of their success is…. remote, to say the least, when I consider the general murderousness of various groups of Muslims toward each other. I also think that even if every Muslim in the world managed to come together and take on Israel, they would lose, and lose terribly, when I consider the military history between Israel and its enemies. And basically, I think the large volume of anti-Israel extremism from Muslim governments is mostly all talk; it helps misdirect the anger of their people. They refrain from actually attacking Israel, except by funding terrorism. … because they know quite well what Israel can do in a head-to-head fight. They had some costly lessons in that.

    (By the way, I also agree with you – at least, I assume you agree – that if Israel were what its detractors claim it is, there WOULD BE a "greater Israel"…. none of their neighbors could hope to stop them. And this says a great deal.)

    But at the present moment, it looks like the biggest contributor to the cause of building up that Caliphate is the U.S. State Department. I'm not here to defend the likes of Qaddafi or the Assads or Mubarak, but the forces we are ACTIVELY HELPING to come to power are looking far, far worse… we're getting rid of every old-style tyrant in the ME… except, of course, for the Saudis… to make way for what? The "freedom fighters" have already pulled off some spectacularly deadly achievements, and now Tahrir Square in Egypt is a place where men are, indeed, free! Free to gang-rape any unescorted woman who happens to pass by!! Ah, the FREEDOM that our Dear Leader brings!!

    Anyway, I'm sorry for a lot of the things I said, it's easy to create a straw man out of somebody on the internet.

  2. Barry G says:

    @Stephen, I could cut and paste what you just wrote and claim it for my own, thank you and enjoy the weekend.

  3. iceman 59 says:

    So succinctly stated, it's these wet behind the ears libs, that are the downfall of America. They listen to these old burned out socialist professors and think they actually know something. Grow a few decades older and you will realize the foolishness that you have been spouting. Islam is the most violent, blood thirsty cult that has survived and is hell bent on finishing their conquest of all religions. Go to a muslim country and just be, and see what happens to your infidel dumbass.

  4. Gerry Mander says:

    Hmmmm…it doesn't make a dung beetle's lunch difference to me but all y'all assuming 'Stephen' is a dude. In fact, Stephan and Barry could be same person, or 2 pervs gettin' off on same computer by inciting readers and laughing all the while. Palestine sided with nazis in WWII in order to kill jews. Nazis, hence Palestine, lost 'the pot', which included what is now Israel. Now, Palestine wants back what it lost in that 'poker party'.

  5. Barry G says:

    And that coming from the cross dressing hermaphrodite posting in it's underwear from mommies basement. At least I use my real name sissy.

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  7. Another brutal Islamist activity at FAU condoned by officials – BizPac Review

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