Street Justice: Legally armed residents shooting back in Detroit

In what Detroit residents are calling street justice, licensed concealed carry gun owners are shooting back at criminals attempting to rob them.

The Blaze reported that twice in one week, legally armed citizens shot back at teenagers attempting armed robbery.

Detroit’s ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV had a story Thursday about a two-man utility crew being approached by two teenagers carrying guns. One of the workers was a concealed carry holder and shot the criminals, injuring both of them.

The news station also reported that last Friday, two teenage boys grabbed a 70-year-old high school basketball coach in Detroit as he walked two female players to their cars.

The boys attacked the coach, “announced a stick up” and “stuck something in his chest,” WXYZ-TV reported.

The coach shot both teens, killing one of them.

Residents say they support citizens protecting themselves, the report said.

Read more from the Blaze.

Watch Detroit’s ABC WXYZ-TV report here:


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