John Kerry: U.S. ‘prepared to do whatever necessary’ to deny Iran nuclear weapons

John Kerry
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Secretary of State John Kerry finished his first week Friday with strong words on Iran’s nuclear program.

Kerry told reporters that the Obama administration is “prepared to do whatever is necessary” to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, The Washington Times reported.

“I want to underscore to Iran, the window for diplomacy is still open,” Kerry said, repeating, though, that the United States does not want to see a nuclear-armed Iran.

Iran has agreed to talk aobut its nuclear program with U.S. officials and others in the international community in March. Kerry said Iran should come to the negotiations “prepared to talk real substance and to address the concerns, which could not be more clear, about their nuclear program.”

However, Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said talking wouldn’t solve problems. “You are holding a gun against Iran saying you want to talk. The Iranian nation will not be frightened by the threats,” Khamenei said, according to The Times.

Read more from The Washington Times here.


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