Ohio issues dozens of subpoenas in mass voter fraud investigation

vote twiceNow that the 2012 election is over, reports of voting irregularities — even outright fraud — are beginning to surface. Close to home, St. Lucie County has become the subject of a lawsuit, and Hamilton County, Ohio, is also coming under fire.

As I watched the results on Nov. 6, the instant Ohio fell, I knew it was all over for Mitt Romney. “What happened there?” I wondered. Gov. John Kasich, U.S. Sen. Rob Portman and House Speaker John Boehner were supposed to have had the Buckeye State all sewn up.

As it turns out, maybe Ohio wasn’t such a rout for President Obama as was originally reported.

In an exclusive report, Barry Horstman wrote in the Cincinnati Enquirer that “more than two dozen subpoenas” have been issued in Hamilton County, which includes the city of Cincinnati, all having to do with election fraud allegedly committed by voters and poll workers alike. The Enquirer story said:

By a unanimous vote, the four-member county Board of Elections decided Tuesday to issue 28 subpoenas and scheduled two hearings later this month at which voters will be given a final opportunity to provide explanations before the cases are turned over to prosecutors for possible criminal charges. Pending further investigation, several other subpoenas may be issued later.

Some of the cases involve attempted double-voting in Walnut Hills, Westwood, Silverton and elsewhere. One deals with a Florida resident who attempted to use her old Greater Cincinnati address to vote in Hamilton County last November. And in another episode, someone who voted at an Avondale polling place on Election Day claimed to be a woman who already had cast an absentee ballot.

“She did not attempt to vote twice,” elections board chairman Tim Burke told the Enquirer. “Someone apparently voted in her name.”

Most troubling for election officials was the accidental discovery that a veteran poll worker appeared to have been engaged in a double-voting scheme allegedly involving both her and her granddaughter. She had served as a poll worker since 1988.

According to the Enquirer, the poll worker then attempted to cover up her activities:

Ordinarily, her Election Day vote would have been flagged by a supplemental list of voters who had requested absentee ballots, but that list was mysteriously missing from that polling place. The poll’s presiding judge later told officials that the woman in question “was disruptive and hid things from the workers on Election Day,” according to an elections board report.

Further investigation indicated that the poll worker apparently prepared absentee ballots using the names of at least three other voters.

Another unusual circumstance involved the case of a 75-year-old woman who died before her absentee ballot was even mailed out to her.

“There’s no way this person voted that ballot,” elections board member Alex Triantafilou told the Enquirer. “On its face, it looks like the husband voted for the deceased wife.”

Read more at cincinnati.com.

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10 thoughts on “Ohio issues dozens of subpoenas in mass voter fraud investigation

  1. Robert says:

    The election for President was one Big JOKE! We will never have fraud free elections as long as we use computers and have the election results counted in Spain.

    1. cc says:

      I agree! Soros own the machines…go figure! Obama needs to just go!

    2. Gina Calabrase says:

      I never believe for 1 second that Obama won. I pray for justice. SCYTL check it out. America has been so scammed by Obama and his crooked puppet masters. Soros is EVIL! Obama is a fraud who HATES America!!!

  2. Dale says:

    It this is fraud, then Obama shouldn't be President and should be removed from Office. He should be removed anyway due to his crimes!

  3. KB Cook says:

    Does this mean the "real" voters in OH get a do-over? A mulligan? Maybe?

  4. Cassandra says:

    Just look at Gertrude Walker in Port St Lucie. When I went to sleep on Election night, 100% of the precincts had reported and Allen West won by 2500 votes.

    Then SOE Walker "found" 4000 new votes that had been uncounted. As long as this can go on, we are doomed.

    I am so grateful to True the Vote for initiating a lawsuit in that election race.

  5. RUSerious says:

    Will the company the FL GOP hired to fraudulently register voters in FL be prosecuted?

    1. uselogic says:

      They should, troll. Or should I have used the standard Demoncrat line that registration doesn't matter…only proven vote fraud? And per your type, there is none.

      Even if they did that'd only make it about 1:100 GOP to Dem instances of fraud. For example Florida authorities didn't prosecute ACORN affiliates after their proven registration fraud in Orlando in 1998 or again in 2004.

  6. Barry G says:

    Democrats/Muslims will always lie and cheat to get the power over us that they want, it is in their doctrines.

  7. Ohio ex-poll worker says:

    I was a Precinct Judge at the Ohio polls for several years. If she was "disruptive" then she should have been removed from the polling place by the Sheriff. Somalians were bused to the polls with interpreters in Columbus, OH during early voting. Janet Napolitano refused to grant the State of Ohio a list of new citizens. Our elections system has been compromised and it is now on par with 3rd world nations. There is MUCH MORE to Ohio's voter fraud than meets the eye. The problem is getting the mainstream media to cover it. They are as complicit in nationwide voter fraud as much, if not MORE than this criminal poll worker.

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