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Now Bloomberg wants to ban styrofoam containers

Michael Bloomberg
Photo credit The Examiner

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In his never-ending quest to modify the behavior of New York City’s more than 8 million residents, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now considering a citywide ban on styrofoam containers.

Although I’m sure hizzoner understands that styrofoam is ideal for keeping hot food hot and cold drinks cold, all at a reasonable cost, the mayor doesn’t care about all that — he’s looking at numbers, specifically those designed to make him look good.

The New York Post reported on Thursday:

Mayor Bloomberg last year set a goal of recycling 30 percent of the city’s household trash by 2017, up from 15 percent now.

A Styrofoam ban would edge the city closer to that number, supporters argue.

Ron Gonen, deputy commissioner for recycling at Sanitation, told the Post that styrofoam packaging is nearly impossible to recycle.

“The [recycling] machinery wasn’t really built to handle Styrofoam,” he said. “If something is not recyclable, we want to find an alternative for that packaging or product.”

Bloomberg, who seldom travels anywhere without a cadre of armed bodyguards, has long been an advocate for strict gun control and founded “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.”

Most recently, he banned the sale of large-sized soft drinks as well as smoking in many areas of the city and ordered the display of menu calorie counts in restaurants.

Read more at The New York Post.

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