Disgraceful ‘joke’: Missouri DJ lied to real soldier about military service

I want to know what psychological disorder causes people to lie about serving in the U.S. military.

Simon Nytes, a popular Springfield, Mo., radio station disc jockey, lied about serving in the Army to a real Army soldier, Bryan Hood, who called Nytes out on it, Live Leak reported.

Hood took to the Internet in a video rant after Nytes admitted he never served in the Army. Nytes claimed the lie was an “ongoing joke” at the radio station, but Hood didn’t think it funny at all, saying he “takes these things very seriously.”

 Power 96.5 fired Nytes over his crazy lie and issued the following statement on its Facebook page Wednesday:

We are disappointed that our employee misrepresented himself as someone who had served in the military. It is unacceptable behavior. Further, Journal Broadcast Group is committed to ethical relationships with our listeners, clients and community. Specifically regarding the unacceptable behavior, that employee has been terminated. Finally, we value and are grateful for the service of our military personnel across all branches, and have the utmost respect for the sacrifices made by so many of our military personnel and their families.

A search of the radio station’s website showed that all information pertaining to Nytes was removed.

According to Live Leak, Nytes also took down his personal Facebook page.

Congratulations to Hood for publicly calling out such shameful and disgraceful liars.

Watch Hood tell the story of the lying DJ Simon Nytes:


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