Brooklyn ‘educators’ refuse to explain anti-Semitic conference

Brooklyn College anti semitic conference
Brooklyn College – Photo Credit Heidi Schumann

Brooklyn College offers a perfect example of university professors lacking the gumption to stand up for their decisions. Why do they fear telling where they stand on Israel, Palestine and Islamic terror? Aren’t they protected by lifetime tenure? Aren’t they members of the powerful American Association of University Professors union that bulletproofs their comments, actions and writings? Aren’t they brilliant, educated, stand-up people who should act as role models for our kids?

Not at Brooklyn College, where “educators” bring professional hate mongers to their campus to spread their “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” movement to students without any opposing speakers to dispel the dangerous falsehoods. How long would these “educators” last in real-life jobs? Not too long, I guess.

The New York Daily News Editorial Board is also searching for answers, according to a recent editorial:

Brooklyn College will be site of repulsive BDS conference — and its faculty won’t say why it’s going along.

Not one of the 17 professors in Brooklyn College’s political science department will step forward to explain how and why their group came to co-sponsor an event whose themes are likely to verge on anti-Semitism.

How’s that for the courage of their convictions?

On Feb. 7, the school is set to host lectures by proponents of the so-called BDS movement, a school of activism that takes offense at everything the state of Israel does. Its initials derive from calls to boycott the Jewish state, disinvest from its economy and impose sanctions on it.

When the Editorial Board sent an email asking the faculty to explain how and why it came to co-sponsor an event whose themes are likely to verge on anti-Semitism, the response was lacking:

The emails went to Profs. Sally Bermanzohn, Immanuel Ness, Mojubaolu Olufunke Okome, Jeanne Theoharis, Mark Ungar, Joseph Wilson, Lisette Nieves, Gaston Alonso, Janet Johnson, Anna Law, Steven London, Corey Robin, Celina Su, Caroline Arnold, Ken Estey and Shang Ha, as well as to department Chairman Paisley Currah.

Only Currah and Law responded, with a statement that cast the issue as purely one of academic freedom. The answer was a dodge. No one doubts their right to endorse bilge. What the public deserves to understand is how deeply it flows in one of the City University’s leading institutions.

Read the entire New York Daily News article here.

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