Scotsman: ‘Emptiness at heart of Obama’s presidency’

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If you’ve ever wondered what people “across the pond” might think of America, a recent column by Gerald Warner of may shed some light, specifically on the re-election of President Obama.

In the column, “Rhetoric can’t disguise emptiness at heart of Obama’s presidency,” published a week after Obama’s inauguration, Warner says there is “something morbidly mesmerising about watching a great nation in the grip of a power-crazed but incompetent charlatan.”Apparently, not a fan of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, either, Warner compares Blair’s term to Obama’s, calling them both “political imposters.”

Of Obama and his administration, Warner said:

The wheels are coming off the Obama bandwagon: last week saw Hillary Clinton rolling downhill, crazily bouncing off ­obstacles, impelled on her way by a kick from Senator Rand Paul.

Obama’s Second Coming was a less dramatic event than his coronation in January 2009… His great weakness, however, is that he has no sense of the ridiculous: if his rhetoric becomes any more inflated he will levitate.

On Obama’s inaugural speech, Warner quoted a hypothetical translation:

Behind the corny soundbites the message amounted to: “I have the train set to play with for the next four years; I cannot stand for election again so I no longer have to pay lip service to public opinion; and my agenda is to employ a scorched-earth policy in destroying everything that characterises traditional America. My fellow Americans – spin on this.”

Warner doesn’t limit his commentary to the president. The media and House Speaker John Boehner get a mention as well.

The US liberal mainstream media like to pretend that extremists have taken over the Republican Party, while ignoring the real-life hijacking of the Democratic Party by the political wing of the Tooth Fairy Tendency. Even Bill Clinton acknowledged the need for entitlement reform; now, any such suggestion would be regarded as fascist individualism.

House Speaker John Boehner has revealed that the President recently told him: “We don’t have a spending problem.” (He can’t be taking his medication.) Hell, no, just a small-change increase in America’s debt, racked up exclusively on Obama’s watch, of more than $5 trillion. No US president has ever presided over such an increase – not even Dubya over eight years.

Calling Obama’s speech short on foreign policy, Warner predicted the president’s second-term agenda will include “bullying Third World countries into embracing abortion, homosexuality and any other ‘equality’ issue,” noting Obama’s memorable, live-mike comments Obama made to Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev about being more “flexible” in his second term.

Warner expects the upcoming clash with the National Rifle Association on gun control will be one to watch, saying, “they could sell tickets to that match.” But he ended the column on a somber note:

Four years ago it was possible to feel sympathy for American voters who had been deceived by this charlatan; but this time round they voted, if narrowly, knowing what was in the tin. So hell mend them, but God help the rest of the world.

Read Warner’s full column here.



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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


5 thoughts on “Scotsman: ‘Emptiness at heart of Obama’s presidency’

  1. Dora says:

    VERY WELL SPOKEN! And sadly enough…All is TRUE!! I am one of the views that fought…To NO Avail. I am one that is still

    fighting but differently now! We are stronger in numbers & I am now reaching out to those that did not pay attention to this Charlatan! They are now mad & crying…."He is not helping us, he's hurting us!" So to those that are whining I am telling them… "You voted him in, now it's time for you to help & right the wrong!" Can we get him out? Don't know, but I will sure continue to make a difference! It's always very interesting to read what different parts of the Countries are seeing…SAD! But in the same token up lifting to know it is not what others in America think. They think we are a bunch of people who read suspense novels & add it to our daily lives of conspiracies! Nope it's here & we are living it!

  2. seazen says:

    Gee, if you are diligent and determined to dig up anything anyone says that is negative about Obama you can find this spectacularly irrelevant piece from an old, conservative, columnist in Scotland! Really good work here. You can then take this tiny piece and declare – TA DA! – that this is the way people throughout Europe see Obama. That, of course, is blatantly false and, therefore, the whole article is a minor-league smear job. No surprise there!

  3. KentAtwater says:

    Oooh. It's an "old" and "conservative" column. Very Alinksy of you. Sorry, a column which describes the vacuum of patriotism at Hussein SECOND immaculation is not old. It is very telling that you use "conservative" as an epithet, though. In expressing yourself thus, you illustrate your denial of the reality that there are a great many people who do not think like you; indeed, who simply think.

  4. Mapleleaf says:

    Seazen is obviously "One of the Masses" who think Obama can walk on water. I watch the Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity shows on Fox TV and believe you me, there are many, many American who realize they have been sold a bill of goods.

    If the average American spent money the way Obama does, they would be bankrupt, so what does that tell you.

    Mrs. Bush had three (3) assistants, Mrs. Obama has twenty one (21) at a cost of $6,000.000 in four years.

    1. infidel1375 says:

      Why not? She needs someone to attend to that huge caboose.

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