Piers Morgan suffers another gun smackdown – Nugent style

There isn’t a whole lot of explanation needed to set up this epic debate.

Piers Morgan taped an interview with former rocker Ted Nugent at a Texas gun store after Morgan spent time learning how to shoot.

I have to give the British commentator a small measure of credit for having the gumption to take on the godfather of all Second Amendment advocates. If you are going to lose, you may as well lose to a master.

In the last interview I watched, Morgan got an absolute spanking from Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro. I’m starting to see a real pattern here.

Video via the Daily Caller:

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro beats down bully Piers Morgan


7 thoughts on “Piers Morgan suffers another gun smackdown – Nugent style

  1. cm1515 says:

    I absolutely LOVE Ted. Pierce is a feline slang term and a loud obnoxious one to boot.

  2. Tommy Fore says:

    A person that loses every fight that he pics can hardly be classified as a 'bully'.

  3. Dale says:

    First, Piers lied about the weapon he shot, the AR-15 being used in Newtown CT. It wasn't used to Massacre those children. The weapon used was a pistol. The AR-15 was in the back seat of the car the of the individual who shot the children with the pistols. Therefore, how is it that this AR-15 is subject to all this scrutiny about banning guns?

    Piers, if you have to lie, then it is obvious you are not worth taking seriously.

  4. seazen says:

    Ted Nugent! Hero! What was it that he said he would do if Obama was re-elected? And he studied what, where, when and has what kind of leadership experience? Maybe he and Chuck Norris should get together, start a new party, and run for President in 2016!

  5. Wolfman says:

    Nugent is a real American

  6. Alayna says:

    I agree with you. Ted Nugent should be in jail for his remarks about what he would do if Obama won.

  7. if govt. knows where all the guns are then they know who to arrest and jail upon any rumers of uprising against govt. keep in mind we the people are the govt. of usa and formed us constitution to protect ourselves from abuse by corrupt rulers. we now have majority of population dependant on big socialist entitlements and beliefs of various freedoms and amendment rights threaten big central govt. sense of control over us who are the actually the govt. because without its tax paying private enntity citizens central govt of any thierttnation ceases to exist and the only thing existing is a dictatorship of elite rich ruling class over the impoversed masses. think about this next time fearmongering politician tries to scare u with false statistics and false sense of security at expense of freedoms lost daily evety time they pass a bill in the name of homeland security. do your homework and research how hitler gained power and brain.washed his subjects that stopped thinking for themselves

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