If you give a judge ‘the finger,’ count on going to jail

This young “club girl’ was arrested for possession of Xanax. It was her first criminal offense, and she thought the whole thing was a big joke. But the judge didn’t find the situation quite as funny as she did.

From the Miami Herald:

A woman facing a drug possession charge was sentenced to 30 days in jail on Monday for giving the finger to a Miami-Dade judge, NBC6 is reporting.

Penelope Soto, 18, had been arrested for possession of Xanax and was brought before Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat Monday, where she was asked about her assets during a video court hearing, the station said.

During an exchange the judge felt was disrespectful, Soto flipped Rodriguez-Chomat her middle finger and blurted out: “[expletive] you” as she walked away from the camera.


From the Miami Herald: Woman gets 30 days in jail for giving the finger to Miami-Dade judge


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