Florida secretary of state prioritizes elections changes

Ken Detzner Sec of State FLFlorida Secretary of State Ken Detzner released a formal report Monday outlining problems and making recommendations for change after long lines and other snags marred the 2012 elections.

He listed three priority areas that could be addressed in the upcoming legislative session: extending early voting, expanding the definition of an early voting site and limiting the length of future ballots.

Detzner and a team of Department of State employees traveled throughout Florida, soliciting input from local elections officials and their staffs on how to improve Florida’s election system.

Most agreed the 2012 election was fair as a whole, but long lines, a shortened early voting schedule, inadequate voting locations and a long ballot needed addressing. The number of “in-person absentee” ballots cast also placed a burden on Election Day staff.

Gov. Rick Scott appeared receptive to Detzner’s recommendations in a statement issued by his office.

“This report details three key reforms our state needs to improve our election system and restore voter confidence,” Gov. Rick Scott said. “It recommends changing current law to shorten the length of the ballot, add more days for early voting – from eight to 14 days, including the option for supervisors of elections to open polls on the Sunday before Election Day, and increase the size of voting locations to better accommodate voters.”

“We knew that improvements needed to be made. Following the November election, many Floridians were frustrated with the inefficiencies, confusion, and delays they found at some voting locations,” Scott said. “Most counties did not experience any significant difficulties or delays. These recommendations by the Secretary of State are important reforms that can be done at the statewide level.”

Detzner also recommended county governments consider upgrading their voting equipment to meet voter needs.

See Detzner’s Recommendations for Increased Accessibility & Efficiency in Florida Elections.

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


4 thoughts on “Florida secretary of state prioritizes elections changes

  1. gop lady says:

    Very disappointing. These changes play right into the liiberals's hands,

  2. John A says:

    I worked the polls at Early Voting. It was a nightmare ; 15+ hour days and lots of pissed off people. Totally uninformed voters who didn' have a clue. Please tell me how changes play into the hands of the "Liberals". What works for a small rural county in the nothern part of the State, won't be the answer for a populous county like Palm Beach or Broward.

  3. -Extend early voting? How did we used to vote on one day and now need a week or more? It is much easier to vote several times with early voting and facilitates bussing activities for all kinds of schemes including bringing in nursing home residents with "aides" to vote for them. I observed as a poll watcher the busses coming in from all over with Obama voters who had no clue about the ballot many without photo ID using highly questionable IDs. One lady offered an Obama brochure with her name on it as her ID! She could not understand my objection.

    It was not legal to open the polls on the Sunday before the election but Susan Bucher opened for two days illegally by calling it "absentee balloting." i was denied entry as a poll watcher on those days even tho I had the proper credentials. A GOP lawyer was also not allowed to observe what was going in her office as long lines when in to vote.

    Many of the long lines included the voters who were enticed to the polls by getting food stamps –11 million added by Obama– and by the 2 million he added for Social Security Disability, many delivered to the polls by church and other busses.

    There are thousands registered in other states as well as in Florida and the more early voting days the easier it is to vote in both places. Early voting only makes voter fraud more of a problem –and that, of course, benefits Democrats.

  4. LDommel says:

    WHY are they not working on the INTRIGRITY of the vote? Voters should be able to see the numbers change on the machine, get a printout of who they voted for & ALL totals of candidate with a time stamp on= 2 copies of the totals to have 1 copy to pass to next voter, VOTER ID, NO SAME DAY REGISTRATION will reduce the lines, SHORT Presidential ballots, NOT EXTENDING voting days which allows corrupt politicans & supporters to cheat. WHY DON'T THE WORRY ABOUT THE MILITARY VOTE BEING COUNTED? And WHY are people that contribute NOTHING to the economy allowed to tell the contributors where their money is spent-When did a right to steal be allowed? Speak up on this last one every chance you have on the comments!

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