Suspect charged with capital murder in SEAL sniper’s death

Chris Kyle and Routh

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Former U.S. Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle was killed Saturday doing something he loved – helping a fellow veteran Marine suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

An updated report Sunday from Houston’s CBS affiliate, KHOU News, said police charged former Marine Eddie Routh, 25, with two counts of capital murder.

According to the article, Kyle’s organization, FITCO Cares Foundation, helped veterans recover from PTSD through physical fitness, which is why authorities believe Kyle and Routh were at the shooting range near Glen Rose, Texas, Saturday.

Police say Routh fatally shot Kyle, 39, and his friend, Chad Littlefield, 35, at point-blank range before fleeing the scene in a pickup truck. Routh was later arrested at his home south of Dallas, KHOU reported.

The news report described the decorated former SEAL and author this way:

‘American Sniper,’ which details Kyle’s 150-plus kills of insurgents from 1999 to 2009, was published in 2012. The book’s cover referred to Kyle as “the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.” The sniper served in every major battle in Operation Iraqi Freedom and became so well known that the insurgents even had a bounty on his head. He served four tours of duty in Iraq and was wounded twice by gunfire.

Kyle was president of Craft International, a company that “provides training to military and law enforcement,” the KHOU article said. He recently appeared on “Stars Earn Stripes,” an NBC reality TV show where military and law enforcement officers led celebrities through various challenges benefiting charity.

The director of Kyle’s foundation, Travis Cox, issued a statement on Sunday morning calling Kyle “a hero,” and saying, “Chris died doing what he filled his heart with passion – serving soldiers struggling with the fight to overcome PTSD.”

Kyle is survived by his wife and two children.

Read more from KHOU News.

Watch a Jan. 2012 interview with Kyle and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly here:


Navy SEAL and ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle murdered at Texas gun range


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8 thoughts on “Suspect charged with capital murder in SEAL sniper’s death

  1. seazen says:

    So for some reason the young people we send to kill other young people with guns go to a shooting range to treat PTSD as "physical exercise" and then they get killed with a gun. If this whole twisted obsession with guns isn't insane, nothing is.

    1. Jose Cunha says:

      …yeah, @seazen, once again its the damn guns. They're like voodoo, they turn people evil. Its got nothing to do with the actions of people. Wonder how he manage to fight off the evil and not go on a killing spree himself for so long. You are the one who sounds insane.

  2. rick w says:

    do america a huge favor and don't make this scumbag's name a household word. when the irresponsible media capitalize on a tragedy like this they only fuel the flame for these purveyors of fame, achieved by the sacrifice of human life and a media glory hound.

  3. Joe Fyffe says:

    Go back to sleep, Seazen. You obviously know not of what you speak. I have been in the position where it was necessary to kill. My gun kept me and or other fellow officers alive. Our wives are not widows and our children are not fatherless because of that gun and Gods guided decision. Are you asleep yet?

  4. JJ says:

    Seazen, there's a plane waiting to take you back to Cuba where all the other misguided socialists/communists live…don't miss your flight…and forks cause people to get fat, right? I don't know why you live in the United States- once again, I suggest you read some American (and world) history from around the revolutionary period…maybe all of this will all start making sense to you. Bon voyage!

  5. seazen says:

    @all my friends here: It is interesting to see how a comment reflecting the supreme irony of a celebrated sniper seeking to help someone with PTSD on a shooting range was shot and killed there turns me into a socialist/communist who has not read history. I am also curious about all the references to "evil" and how that gets somehow separated from loaded guns. While I have no current plans to leave America, I do pay attention to how much more violent and angry we seem to be lately and how many gun deaths there are on a daily basis. The article was just a report on two of these that day. One way or another there are about 18 families/spouse suffering because a loved one was killed by a gun – today; every day. Celebrate guns if you choose; I don't.

  6. Ironhorse says:

    Seazen, Seazen, Seazen

    People with bad intentions will use whatever is available to carry out their ill will. If they don't have access to a gun, they will use a knife. If they can't get a knife they might use a club, or their hands, whatever they have or can aquire. The point is, it is not the gun that chooses to kill! Guns are just tools, just like a hammer or a screwdrive is a tool. Which by the way have been used to kill and mame people more often than guns. If you don't like guns I respect your decision. But DO NOT impose you beliefs on those of us that lawfully own and enjoy our GOD given right to keep and bear arms. It is this right that has ensured ALL of the other rights you as an American citizen enjoy!

    On the subject of Chris Kyle, I am sure if he would have felt this young man he was trying to help was any threat, he would not have put himself in the position of being the victim. As a SEAL Chris was the point of the spear, as a sniper he extended himself even further. In that proffesion you don't live long on luck alone! I believe Chris had a superb sense of judgement. I also believe the person that killed him went to that range knowing full well his intention was to murder Chris. As for his justification I can't say. But if I had to guess, it would have something to do with jealousy of what Chris had accomplished after battling his own demons. My point is, Chris took his skills that he had used to take lives, and turned them into something geared towards saving the lives of others that had served. For that alone GOD has a special place in Heaven for him.

  7. Soldier says:

    I just love to see posts from Idiotts that sit back in their apartments and blast the verry people that are willing to fight and die so that they can have the vile ignorance spew from their Pie Hole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably the same ones that hide behind their religion so they dont have to Contribute to this country in the time of war.

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