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Soldiers get a slice of home with Super Bowl pizza drop

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On the few occasions Americans bond as a nation over holidays, memorials or sporting events, patriotism seems to take center stage and differences become a bit less important.

My first thought on days like Super Bowl Sunday goes to the troops stationed around the world, unable to enjoy the fellowship such traditional American pastimes offer us.

While they may have one another’s company, the comforts and customs of home are too far away.

But some hard-working volunteers and businesses have put overseas soldiers on the top of their priority list, according to Military.com. Consider this heartwarming tidbit:

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn today partnered with leaders from DHL and Pizzas 4 Patriots to send 21,000 Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas to service members just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. That’s enough pizza to feed every soldier stationed in Afghanistan and Kuwait.


Pizza for troops overseas video


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