New tea party site hit with hack attack

Conservative radio host Tom Trento sent an email the other day about a new conservative tea party community alternative to Facebook, so I joined up. I filled out my profile during the day in between my regular work, and then, poof, it was gone.

Conservatives have learned to tread carefully on Facebook because it seems like conservative accounts get suspended on ideological grounds more so than for any violation of Facebook’s user agreement. So I’m always open to a social media option for conservatives, and seems like a good one.

But the left fights dirty, and no conservative haven is safe. This time, it hit with a massive “denial of service” attack. That’s when hackers use computers and “bots” from all over the world to overwhelm a website with information requests all at once, crashing the site’s servers and taking it offline. is back up this morning, and I urge my readers to check it out.

This is the notice from the website about the attack:


Posted on February 3, 2013.

Earlier this morning (February 2nd, 2013), Ken Crow (TPC-Co-founder), appeared on the Fox and Friends show announcing the launch of our new website — the FB alternative for conservatives.

As anticipated, the our community experienced a large influx of new members and site traffic. Along with all the new members came hundreds of trolls who sought to disrupt our new rapidly growing community.

Our great team of moderators had their hands full handling over 2,000 reports in just a few short hours. With this much media exposure, we’re bound to be a target of our detractors.”

Tim Selaty Jr. (Co-Founder of TPC) stated;
Just 35 minutes before the scheduled live broadcast of our national launch, the Tea Party Community website experienced a large DOS (Denial of Service) attack. “

According to our logs, the attacks came from all around the country including Pakistan, Afghanistan, France, Germany, Russia, and even from the United States. The attack was from a “BotNet”.

We ask all of our dedicated Patriots members to hang in there and not lose heart as The Tea Party Community isn’t going away. We’re here to stay.”

Here is the message sent to us from our server provider about the attack:

“Dear Tim:

We have discovered that one of your IP is under DOS attack


Total Attack Packets Per Second (PPS): 450,000

Your IP is currently the target of a large Denial of Service attack, which leaves us no option but to null route your IP address. The incoming DoS attack was negatively affecting our other customers and our network stability. We have mitigated this attack with a null route (all traffic destined to this IP is dropped), and will be leaving it in place for the next 24 hours. If you would like to remove the null route sooner, simply respond to this ticket and we will remove it and check to see if the attack has subsided. Please note that if the null route is removed early and the attack returns, then another null route will need to be placed.

We are attempting to gather additional details regarding this DOS attack and if successful, we will send a follow up summary report. We apologize for any inconveniences, but we must protect the integrity of our network for all our clients. Please update this ticket if you have any questions.

Thank you and kind regards,

PEER 1 Hosting/Serverbeach Network Operations Center (NOC)”

 – TPC Staff

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13 thoughts on “New tea party site hit with hack attack

  1. Tom Trento says:

    Thanks for the report Jack, it was a brutal attack that was way beyond a few amateur hackers. In fact, it may have some foreign government involvement, we are investigating. In spite of the attack, we managed to present an excellent show but instead of 10,000 viewers, we had 2,000. If all goes well and is still up tomorrow, we will premiere our radio / internet TV show, TrentoVision, on the home page of TPC, at 3-6pm, eastern time!

    To all the activists at Bizpac…Keep up the great work, I start my day reading your daily briefing and use some of the stories on my show!

    1. Jack Furnari says:

      Any time Tom. Keep up the good work.

  2. Tim says:

    There is a very old method to deal with this which is called site mirroring. By putting the same duplicate server in many different locations it becomes impossible to overload it since it is more spread out.

  3. Mark Adams says:

    Thanks for this info Jack. I have been trying to get on the past 12 hours or so and thought this might have been the problem.

    Tom- We are still out their in support of TPC. We are not going anywhere.

    Do what you have to do to keep TPC up and running. We've got your back!

    1. Tom Trento says:

      Tune into our show tomorrow, http://www.TrentoVision.TV at 3pm (et) and we will review the attack and tell our plans going forward. We are pissing off the left in a BIG way…does it get any better than that!

  4. William C. says:

    Who are the people behind this site? Having been in the movement since February 2009 I don't trust any of these so called national Tea Party groups any longer. The worst is

  5. MORT KUFF says:


  6. Michael Pearce says:

    Wish the Tea Party could do something to include mobil phones. Thank you.

  7. aussie says:

    i have been trying to get on from overseas since last night – i had to use the captcha feature which was never needed before – i now either get to that page and then a blank page or just a blank page and i am not trying to troll – ive been on tea party since we had about 2000 members

  8. aussie says:

    I have now been banned by the site for which reason has not been explained to me by anyone – I have messaged the admin no answer – i think my a/c was hacked as i am the admin for a conservative page on fb but a peaceful one and after being called out by a couple of people over the weekend for having done nothing at all i am now banned (in big red letters by my name i have been informed) by my friends NOT teaparty

    1. neal bacon says:

      I also can not get to the site,same thing happens to me.Any idea what gives?

      1. aussie says:

        my understanding now is that even chicks on the right were blocked – whoever hacked them on the weekend – must have hacked thousands of a/cs (and i think i was one of them) – ive been told "they are working on it" – whatever that means – but i assume neal that you are having to do the captcha and then getting a blank screen? – i bet you if you get a friend you know who can access the site to look at your profile it will have BANNED in big red letters next to it like mine does – let me know if that is the case

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