Navy SEAL and ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle murdered at Texas gun range

American Sniper Chris Kyle

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Decorated U.S. Navy SEAL sniper and author Chris Kyle was one of two men shot and killed Saturday at a shooting range near Glen Rose, Texas.

“Kyle, a Texas native who grew up hunting, served four tours in Iraq with Navy SEAL Team 3. His shooting during battles in Ramadi and Fallujah became legendary, and insurgents nicknamed him the “Devil of Ramadi” and put a bounty on his head,” NBC News reported.

The cover of Kyle’s 2012 New York Times Bestselling autobiography, “American Sniper,” described him as “the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history,” according to Houston’s KHOU News, a CBS affiliate.

Kyle was at the range Saturday afternoon attending a charity event for a former soldier friend who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. KHOU reported Kyle and another man were fatally shot at “point-blank” range.

Police immediately issued an alert for the gunman, who fled the scene in a pickup truck. Officials later captured and arrested the suspect, former Marine Eddie Routh, south of Dallas. According to the KHOU report, police said Routh, who they believed was “highly trained with military experience,” was a neighbor of the second victim.

Kyle was president of Craft International, a company that “provides training to military and law enforcement,” the KHOU article said. He recently appeared on “Stars Earn Stripes,” an NBC reality TV show where military and law enforcement officers led celebrities through various challenges benefiting charity.

Kyle, 39, is survived by his wife and two children.

Read more from KHOU News.

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8 thoughts on “Navy SEAL and ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle murdered at Texas gun range

  1. mzaz says:

    My prayers to the family.

    It sure makes me wonder… WHY are our seals are dying????? So many have been KILLED since the bin laden LIE.

    1. Marilyn says:

      I am beginning to wonder that too. These events along with the other two who were killed that had gun stores, makes me wonder what the bigger picture really is. So sad for this man's family and friends. God bless him, his family, friends, our service men and women and God Bless the USA.

  2. Don De says:

    He lived by the sword and died by the sword. in this case, it's the gun. Point blank, up close and personal! It sounds like an Obama execution by one of his hit men. Add Kyle to the growing list of Seals have been killed after Black Ops because they knew too much. In this case, Kyle talked too much and this former military asset turned into a civilian liability for exposing operational secrets and he was deemed a threat to the Obama killing machine. Obama is sending a strong message to former military personnel. Shut up or you'll be next to be executed. Obama is a homocidal and soon to be a genocidal maniac that will make all of the despots of history look innocent!

    Don De

    1. Daniel Sizemore says:

      You may be right. Look at the Clinton's and "Whitewater"! Some people think they above the law.

  3. Dean Taffel says:

    This is all unverified baloney. NBC news is fiction & propaganda creating piece of trash. No proof, no evidence, just "reports". It is principle of propaganda that a lie repeated often enough, by enough people in enough contexts becomes accepted by the public as "truth", "fact" and "history". The job of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX and the rest is to sell and participate in the creation of fictitious events, personalities and history. Here is what Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1807 (206 EARS AGO):

    "Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day."

    – Thomas Jefferson Written to John Washington 6-14-1807

    Does anyone think it is any better today? Hopefully not. It is 10 times worse. America has been on expensive liberty robbing binge since 2001. Does anyone think of asking how this gun spree shooting binge can have happened in that environment? No! All these shooting incidents MAKE NO SENSE, except to create justifications for more government control of our lives and abolition of our rights and freedoms.

    What people must look at are the policy consequences of these news STORIES.

  4. Jacshanni says:

    All the more reason to be individually armed in today's society. Remember: The Constitution does not impose upon any Federal, State, or local government to protect its citizens from harm – that is your responsibility,. That Eddie Routh shouldn't have been allowed to drive off.

  5. Anti-war activists that are former Iraq & Afghanistan war US Military veterans have a hatred against the corporate fascists that planned the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. US corporations fund the US Military to invade these nations not because of "terrorism" but to steal as much resources from Iraq & Afghanistan by taking advantage of 9/11. Saudi Arabia is connected to 9/11 not Iraq & Afghanistan. But Saudi Arabia is a huge business partner with the US corporations.

    Many former US Marine Iraq War veterans are so angry against the US Government and the Fascist US corporations for giving orders to US Military troops to commit war crimes and genocide against unarmed Iraqi civilians. US Troops were ordered to rape Iraqi women and young girls so that Iraqi men fight back against the US Troops giving the US Military a reason to open fire on large masses of Iraqi civilians.

    This allows for large territories of Iraq & Afghanistan to be cleared by genocide so that US Corporations can come into Iraq & Afghanistan and steal as much resources as possible. Much like the Native American genocide in the US by the US Military and the US corporate elite.

    Many former US military veterans that served in Iraq are now activists especially at Winter Soldier anti-war activism. They explain to US civilians that what is going on in Iraq & Afghanistan would make Hitler jealous and is far worst than anything that happened to innocent non-combatant civilians murdered in Vietnam.

    Chris Kyle having SEAL Team 3's number one record in confirmed sniper kills probably smoked a bunch of Iraqi civilian family men that wanted revenge for what US soldiers did to their Iraqi women and children. US soldiers antagonizing Iraqi civilians by raping Iraqi women, shooting old unarmed Iraqi civilians in their family rooms and torturing small Iraqi children. This is enough to provoke a large Iraqi civilian population to fight back, (so-called "insurgents"), that is when Chris Kyle comes into the picture and smokes a bunch of them.

    So when Chris Kyle returns back home to Texas at a gun range, a former US Marine that is an anti-war activist probably follows Chris Kyle and kills him. Disgusted with what the US Military & Corporations have done to the Iraqi people, something worst than what Hitler did to the Jews.

    This anti-war activist and former US Marine decides to get rid of Chris Kyle at the Texas gun range to avenge the Iraqi Genocide perpetrated by the US Military.

    Eddie Routh doesn't care what happens to himself and will justify what he did, because to Routh, he feels that he has killed a Nazi war criminal name Chris Kyle.

    If you think of it the only reason the US is in Iraq is to mine Lithium, harvest Opium Drugs, steal Oil and ancient artifacts from Iraq & Afghanistan. There is over 21 trillion dollars in asset for US corporations to steal from Iraq & Afghanistan by exploiting ignorant US & Western military troops to do their bidding.

    I'm sure there were many former US military veterans of the Iraq & Afghanistan occupations that were disgusted with the Nazism of the US Military & US Corporations perpetrated against the Iraqi & Afghani people and see Routh as a hero for killing Chris Kyle.

    People like Chris Kyle are seen by by anti-war activists as Nazis not heroes.

    The US Military does nothing to truly protect people in the USA, but is funded by the US Corporations as a mercenary system to attack any nation on Earth that dares to compete with US corporate business interests.

    Fascism is when private corporations own and control everything in Government, Media, Military, Prisons, Education and so-called "Health Care". America is 100% Fascist if you come to think of it, and tax dollars only pay for the interest on the national debt. The rest of the money to fund the US Military, Media, Prisons, Big Pharma, Education, Prisons & Health Care comes directly from private corporations. This means the USA is Fascist corporation not a country. Only corporations have a President, Vice President & Treasurers, not countries.

    Don't get mad at me I'm just stating a few facts.

    1. Howard Wyer says:

      To "War Is A Racket", you are insane as hell!!! American Soldiers are NOT ordered to rape Iraqi women and torture Iraqi children. Why don't you go face to face with Chris Kyle's Wife or other family and make that accusation. Because you would get your teeth knocked out, that's why. People like you make true Americans sick!! You have the right and freedom to post crap like that because these soldiers fought and died for that freedom. My son is a soldier, so I know for a FACT, you are a liar. God help you if a former Seal ever runs into you. God bless Our Troops!! God bless America!!

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