Baker refuses to make same-sex wedding cake

A bakery owner in Oregon is under investigation by the state Attorney General’s Office after a same-sex couple filed a complaint in January alleging that he refused to make a wedding cake for them.

Sweet Cakes By Melissa owner Aaron Klein told The Oregonian he sells cakes to customers of all sexual orientations, but same-sex marriage goes against his Christian faith.

“I believe marriage is a religious institution between a man and woman as stated in the Bible,” Klein told The Oregonian on Friday.

“When someone tells me that their definition is something different, I strongly disagree. I don’t think I should be penalized for that.”

Klein is being investigated by the Oregon attorney general’s civil enforcement officers for violating the Oregon Equality Act of 2007, which has no exception for religious beliefs, the Register-Guard reported.

State law says it is a violation for a business to deny “full and equal accommodations” for customers based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and other factors, and if the agency finds cause, it may file a discrimination complaint with the state Bureau of Labor and Industries.

The Register-Guard pointed out “that Klein said he and his wife make no secret about their beliefs at the bakery, pointing to the store’s website and the crosses on its walls,” giving rise to the possibility that their business was intentionally targeted.


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Tom Tillison

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11 thoughts on “Baker refuses to make same-sex wedding cake

  1. C Dubya says:

    Per Oregon law (§ 659A.403) regarding the prohibition of discrimination in a place of public accommodation, “…all persons within the jurisdiction of this state are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any place of public accommodation, without any distinction, discrimination or restriction on account of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status or age if the individual is 18 years of age or older. … It is an unlawful practice for any person to deny full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any place of public accommodation in violation of this section.” See

  2. William C. says:

    From the sounds of that law they are talking about staying overnight at the Red Roof Inn and eating breakfast at the Waffle House.

  3. R Farrell says:

    In a video, it shows this guy to have a tattoo. . That is forbidden by his god in Lev 19:28. He sort of shaves his beard; that's a big no no (Lev 19:27) I am sure he sells cakes to divorced people (Mark 10:11-12) or people who have had premarital sex (Deu 22:20-21.). Well that's all kinds of wrong. He sells cakes for weddings of people who don't believe in his god or worse… worship other gods. I am sure they have never worked on Saturday to get a cake out to a wedding. We know how bad working on The Sabbath meas DEATH (Ex 35:2).

    But THIS is where he is going to make his stand! HERE AND NOW he will profess his allegiance to his god, Bible and faith! How? By not baking a cake for a couple of gals. Way to stand up for your beliefs. Onward Christian Soldier!

    1. duane says:


    2. Roland Olsen says:

      Your condemnation doesn't hold water. Leviticus and Exodus are in the Old Testament. Any Christian knows that the Bible is the history of the advancement of mankind from the rituals of the Jewish culture (Old Testament) which emphasized material based rules wrathful Jehova to the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the New Testament whose laws were spiritually based and demonstrated a God of Love. Read through the Lord's Supper in the New Testament and you will see how Jesus overturned the Jewish traditions with more a spiritual significance. So no hypocrisy on the part of thei Baker for not following Old Testament "Jewish" culture. The couple did not ask the baker to make a cake celebrating "divorce" nor did they ask for a "premartial sex" cake. So again no hypocrisy on the part of the baker. When a Christian is told by someone that they would prefer not to bake them a cake, they find a new baker. When a "progressive" person is told by someone that they would prefer not to bake them a cake, they sue.

  4. Paula Helton says:

    The point being missed here is this is a privately owned business. Government overreach is responsible for rules and regulations interfering in dictating how a privately owned business must operate. People who don't like the way the business is run are not required to shop there. Remember when private ownership actually meant the business belonged to the owner?

    Everything now belongs to the government; our kids, our schools, our property, our businesses, our health care, etc. It would appear the prior comments are made by those who think that is just fine. As for me, I'll keep fighting against it.

  5. Rifraffe says:

    Too much fudge.

  6. Gregory Fournier says:

    What ever happened to the premis that as a business owner I have the right to refuse service to anyone? So from this the sign shoes and shirt required is thrown right out the window. Also Have we become this ridecliously impervious to personal responsibility? That ever social group on the planet desires and gets legal protections? I'm not homophobic by any means, but this kind of stuff is totally getting out of hand. Framers are rolling over in there graves wondering how sexual preference has worked it's way into main stream politicas and the legal system.

    1. RUSerious says:

      Equality is equality is equality, you either support equal rights for all citizens or you don't, remember the declaration of independence?

  7. RUSerious says:

    Would you refuse to serve a person of color at a lunch counter? Eh?

  8. rifraffe says:

    I recognize your convoluted thinking there, ruserious: You hold that if a person is against one thing, he must be against everything, right? If someone has a moral objection to anything, he must also be a racist too, right? That is the kind of thinking that will forever preclude liberals from being taken seriously by anyone on the right. Liberal guilt has stripped you from being able to take the high ground on any moral question. Liberals, if they live by their own religion of "inclusion and tolerance", should not be allowed to differentiate between right and wrong or support anyone who does. Liberals have stripped all reference of anything biblical from our schools and public square yet are the first to cry FOUL and accuse others of being intolerant and immoral when it suits their narrow political ends. Be careful. Any government that is given the power to redefine morality may decide someday that it doesn't like you!

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