Maxine Waters
Maxine Water’s crazy math: ‘170 million jobs could be lost’

Just because there are only 134 million people with jobs in America is no reason not to take Waters seriously, right? Ididn’tthink this debate over sequestration could […]

Lanny Davis
Lanny Davis says Obama White House threatened him too

As the controversy continues to build over claims by legendary reporter Bob Woodward that he was threatened by a senior White House official, Lanny Davis, a longtime […]

al franken
Minnesota Senate institutionalizes voter fraud

Al Franken, the man who was elevated to the U.S. Senate amid cries of voter fraud, examples of which are are still being uncovered, is up for […]

Justice Scalia
Justice Scalia criticized as racist for ‘racial entitlement’ comment

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s during Wednesday’s hearing on voting rights set off a firestorm of hateful and angry criticism from those on the left, including […]

No universal background checks in House gun legislation says committee chair

Any proposed gun legislation coming through the House Judiciary Committee will not include a provision for universal background checks according to that committee’s chairman. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, […]

Gov. Scott
The latest on Florida’s 2014 governor’s race

The latest on Florida’s 2014 governor’s race includes polling information released by the Republican Party of Florida yesterday suggesting Gov. Rick Scott starts out tied with former […]

Mexican American flag
Texas student punished for refusing to recite Mexican pledge

The teaching methods of today’s educators are getting increasingly outrageous, but students are at last beginning to fight back. After a Texas high school student was punished […]

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity discusses Ellison’s shamefully explosive meltdown

Sean Hannity to time Wednesday to discuss the epic rant he endured from Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison the evening before on his show. If you haven’t seen […]

Bob Woodward
Madness has gripped the American government

Journalist Bob Woodward, the man who played an integral role in bringing an end to the Richard Nixon presidency, called President Obama‘s decision to hold back on […]

Megyn Kelly Bob Edgar
Video: Common Cause wants Obama to end lobbying team

Bob , president of Common Cause, a left leaning public advocacy group, called on President Obama to shut down “Organizing For Action,” amid claims of influence peddling […]

Mark Salmon
Arizona Congressman: “Is Fast and Furious part of the president’s gun proposal?

An Arizona Republican lawmaker who is unimpressed with President Obama’s proposed gun legislation to date, criticized him and asked if a renewed Fast and Furious probe might […]

Video: Gov Jan Brewer: ‘Who’s running this country?’

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer appeared on “Your World” to discuss the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants by the Department of Homeland Security. “No one from the […]

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