Take our poll: Has Marco Rubio sold out conservatives on immigration?

In a respectful exchange of opinions, both sides of the “Marco Rubio immigration plan debate” were explored in an op-ed written by Erick Erickson, editor of RedState, and in a rebuttal that quickly followed from Rubio himself.

After making his case, Erickson concluded with the following:

Immigration is an issue that keeps hispanic voters from trusting the GOP. Many call it a “gateway” issue. I get that. But pandering in the name of a solution does not actually fix the problem. This is just another policy debate the Democrats can use to get the GOP to fight itself. The GOP should pivot to actually fixing the immigration problem, not just addressing the here and now.

Rubio countered with a lengthy response, including this about the conservative movement:

Before diving into the details of the plan, I want to take a moment to point out how the debate about immigration reflects positively on the conservative movement in general. Unlike the left, whose default tactic is to attack and destroy the personal character of those who disagree with their views, the conservative movement is capable of accommodating a vibrant internal debate on important issues solely on the merits. 

For the complete editorials from both men, read Rubio responds to RedState critique on immigration . Tell us what  you think.

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