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Obama regulations nearly double those of Bush, Clinton combined

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paperworkThe cost of new major regulations implemented by Obama during his first three years dwarfs those of the previous two administrations combined during the same time period, according to the White House’s own figures.

In fact, those costs “nearly tripled the cost of those issued by the Clinton administration in its first three years, nearly quintupled the cost of those issued by the George W. Bush administration in its first three years, and nearly doubled the cost of those issued by Bush and Clinton combined,” the Weekly Standard reported. (See table below.)

TV ads for “The Obamacare Survival Guide” claim that there are now over 13,000 pages of new federal Obamacare regulations, and that those numbers continue to rise.

Whether the survival guide’s claim is accurate or hype, one thing is certain — this White House has a tendency to use regulatory powers as a substitute for legislation. This is especially true of the Environmental Protection Agency, which has expanded the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon emissions.

The explosion of regulations combined with the highest corporate tax rate in the world should explain the sluggish U.S. economy since President Obama assumed the reins of power.

The latest gross domestic product figures indicate that the economy contracted during the fourth quarter of 2012. When questioned on this decline, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “The economy is facing a headwind.”

Indeed it is, and the source of that wind is none other that the Obama administration itself.

Regulatory cost chart

Read more at the Weekly Standard.

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