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Quadriplegic Iraqi war veteran receives double-arm transplant

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It is one of the most amazing stories of physical and psychological resilience you’ll ever see. It’s a story of God’s blessings on a team of doctors who performed a double-arm transplant on a young Iraqi war veteran after he lost both arms and legs to a roadside bomb.

Brendan Marrocco, 26, of New York City, was the first quadriplegic soldier from Iraq or Afghanistan to survive such catastrophic injuries. A roadside bomb in 2009 destroyed Brendan’s limbs and left his best friend dead, CBS News reported.

In a 13-hour operation led by plastic surgeon Dr. W.P Andrew Lee, Marrocco underwent a double-arm transplant on Dec. 18 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, the article said.

Lee told reporters at a news conference Tuesday that the operation “was the most extensive and complicated” transplant surgery ever accomplished, and it required connecting bone, nerves, blood vessels, muscles and other tissue. Lee said his team practiced on cadavers four times in two years to prepare for the historic undertaking.

Incredibly, Marrocco was released from the hospital Tuesday and will begin outpatient therapy soon, CBS reported.

A heartfelt get well to Brendan and a thank you and congratulations to his doctors from Johns Hopkins.

Watch more on this incredible story from CBS Evening News:

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