Sen. Graham: ‘Hillary Clinton got away with murder’

In a Monday interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he would block Chuck Hagel‘s nomination for defense secretary until the Senate has testimony from current Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

“I haven’t forgotten about Benghazi. Hillary Clinton got away with murder in my view,” Graham told Van Susteren.

Graham said he has questions for Panetta about the night in Benghazi, including, “What happened for seven hours? Why were there no military assets available on Sept. 11?”

“When did the president first get notified of the attack on our Consulate? What did he do for those seven hours?” are other questions Graham wants answered.

Watch the segment here:

Video segment from the Washington Free Beacon.


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9 thoughts on “Sen. Graham: ‘Hillary Clinton got away with murder’

  1. AURELIA says:



  2. Lois says:

    He is right ! Hillary got away with murder and so did President Obama and the House and the Senate LET THEM! Which is worsted?

  3. Bethaney Riley says:

    Hillary admitted the fault falls on her. What is the penalty for murder. It's just too bad she wasn't visiting our Ambassador at the time. Of course, then they would have gotten support. A whole brigade would have shown up. I hope the truth comes out eventually, why they let our people get murdered.

  4. Sandy says:

    This won't be the first time she has got away with Murder is it? ~~~ Think about it!~ The Clintons have a trail of Dead Bodies left in their Path!!

  5. Stu E says:

    So if Clinton is guilty of murder in Libya what are Bush/Cheney guilty of in Iraq? About 1,000 times worse as far as Americans were concerned not counting the Iraqis.


    Gaham needs to stay off tv and in his allotted time. He also needs to follow what

    His electors tell him they wsnt. I think Congress had better begin to fix the mess that the Bush Administration left us in

  7. Dave says:

    If Obama is guilty so is Bush because of Iraq? . With that logic so is LBJ with thousands and thousands deaths in Vietnam and Truman in Korea. What I am trying to say is that is one stupid argument. As a former Marine if I have no trust in the president to do the right thing how can I support him. This guy is evil. You soon realize it one day but by then it will be too late as Germany was

  8. ron charity says:

    Dude you are either plain dumb or completely blind, but in either case you are not a concerned American wanting answers on situation in Lybia. To put it in bluntly you are hung on Obama

  9. Jan Weber, MD, FACC, says:

    At the Benghazi hearings with Hillary, the republicans looked like a bunch of self-aggrandizing amateurs. Even McCain looked like a dolt. It is not that Hillary is so good. It is more that the republicans were so bad. We learned nothing of value.

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