Misguided sympathy for illegals harming Mexico, costing American jobs

 Jonathon moseley, Virginia tea partyMexico’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.7 percent of the working population in September 2012, according to the Financial Times. Yet misguided sympathy is costing America jobs. The immigration debate centers on the belief that illegal aliens would suffer if sent home.

America’s last remaining hope is to drastically grow its economy by creating millions of new jobs. Tax revenue would dramatically increase. Wages would rise. Federal spending would drop, as fewer people rely on governmental assistance.

Yet America is bleeding jobs because the nation feels strangely sorry for citizens of other countries, even when they break our laws. Meanwhile, the average Mexican salary is $6,143 per year. However, in local buying power, $6,143 equals $49,574 per year within the Mexican economy. According to the International Monetary Fund, $1 converted into pesos will buy the equivalent of $8.07 within Mexican society.

Illegal immigration is a curious paradox where trespassers get sympathy but unemployed Americans do not. From 1994 to 2012, Mexico’s unemployment rate averaged 3.68 percent, from a record low of 2.22 percent in November 2002 to a 5.93 percent peak in May 2009, Trading Economics reported. 

Mexico’s economy, meanwhile, grew by 5.4 percent in 2010 and 3.85 percent in 2011, according to the CIA’s World Fact Book.

About 12 million unemployed U.S. citizens are suffering from poverty, worry, and lowered self-esteem. Millions more suffer under-employment and loss of their dreams. Is it a coincidence that 12 to 20 million foreigners are taking jobs illegally while 12 million citizens are seeking work?

Blacks suffer 14.1 percent unemployment, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in August 2012. The U.S. unemployment rate finally dropped to 7.8 percent on October 5, 2012, but this measures only those actively seeking work. A record 88.8 million Americans over 16 are no longer seeking a job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That increased by 8.3 million during Obama’s first term.

A Pew Hispanic Center study found “that immigrants are benefiting before native-born workers from the slow-paced economic recovery.” Between June 2009 and June 2010, foreign-born workers gained 656,000 jobs, while U.S. workers lost 1.2 million jobs.

We are told these are jobs Americans won’t take. In fact, U.S. citizens work in all job categories. The Center for Immigration Studies reports  that 23.6 million American citizens work the same jobs as immigrants. Clearly, Americans will do those jobs. Americans are doing those jobs now.

There are only four jobs dominated by immigrants, yet 47 percent in those jobs are native-born U.S. citizens. CIS found that 75 percent of janitors, 65 percent of groundskeepers and landscapers, 58 percent of taxi drivers and 55 percent of maids and housekeepers were native born. (CIS considered legal and illegal immigrants for its purely economic analysis.)

So American citizens will do those jobs but employers may need to increases wages. Economic theory requires that wages must increase until supply and demand come into equilibrium. If employers are not attracting enough workers, wages must increase until supply equals demand.

Yet would trespassers returned home actually suffer? Those who worked in America likely gained skills and habits, including learning English, that will give them better job opportunities when they return to their home countries.

Mexico needs its most industrious citizens to reform and build up their own society, to benefit everyone. That’s how the USA grew. Mexico is rich in natural resources. Mexico’s hardest-working citizens need to work there, demand reforms and build a prosperous Mexico. If they take a short-cut, everyone in their country suffers.


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Jonathon Moseley

Jonathon Moseley is a Board member of the Northern Virginia Tea Party, and Executive Director of American Border Control. He served as Executive Director of the Legal Affairs Council.

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3 thoughts on “Misguided sympathy for illegals harming Mexico, costing American jobs

  1. Charles says:

    I work in construction. I was told by the immigrant group to get out of thier country. I have watched my diocese build centers to put them to work in construction. They whould not hire me, a parishioner and American because it was for them. Training as an electrician is my third career training. Other countries took my manufacturing jobs. My marine service work was taken by them. Now we even import prebuilt buildings. In the January issue of Forbes magazine this practice is discribed as eliminating the expensive electrician. Apparently a living wage is now considered too expensive. When there is nothing left for much of society to care about society breaks down. Then how will the rich be able to protect thier wealth!

  2. Michael J. Nappi says:

    Thank you Jonothan for stating the actual yet disturbing facts. I hope that libearla wii take off their Obama colored glasses and see things in America for as bad as the really are rather than as good as Obama wants them to believe.It has been stated by both paties tha Oabma is a very intelligent man…taking that, along with his actions over the past 4 years regarding the economy tells me that there is no doubt Obama is deliberately drainign our economy as quickly as possible….and he is giving as much as he can to radical Muslim nations.

    It's an ugly truth but as unpleasant as it is to admit, it is waht it is and Obama IS the problem. He needs to be Impeached and soon if we want America to survive

  3. Rich says:

    Bingo. It is all part of their plan to undermine and destroy our US economy which will weaken our national security. Legal immigrants who I have talked to are disgusted by the get out of jail free card our congress generously gives to those who break our laws. They are about to get much more help in the near future from both parties in DC. Unless Americans join together and realize that both parties are working for their own self interests and not that of the general public we will never see the light of day.

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