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Last weekend, tea party leaders and other conservative activists from around the state assembled in Orlando for the first time since the November election.

BizPac Review writer Tom Tillison reported on the “Florida Summit,” adding his own insight and opinion.

He had this to say when describing the less-than-peachy relationship between the tea party and the Republican Party:

There were also no representatives of the Republican Party present — a stark reality that should resonate with everyone sitting in that room, although I sense many are still unsure about whether they’re conservative or Republican. These days, it’s hard to be both.

I suspect the GOP has moved on from the tea party. The “smartest guys in the room” are in need of a scapegoat for yet another dismal election performance, and the “yahoos” in the tea party make for a rather convenient scapegoat.

And you know what? The movement is all the better for it.

In a later comment, Tillison said, “it’s critical to the success of the conservative cause that the tea party and the GOP find common ground and cause for mutual respect, the alternative is a continuation of the ongoing advantage Democrats currently have.”

We want to know what you think.

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