Mitt Romney right again, Bill Mahr says ‘dirt bags’ don’t pay their share

In a strange turn of events, Bill Mahr said on his show Friday that there are people who are not contributing, but that society is picking up the tab. After taking a jab at Mitt Romney for not attending the inauguration, he labeled those who do not pay into the system as “dirt bags.”

Mitt Romney during the campaign talked about the 47 percent. And of course to get to that number of 47 percent who don’t pay federal taxes, that’s what he was talking about, you have to include veterans and retirees,” said Mahr in a Newsbusters report. “But it’s not really 47 percent.”

“It’s not zero percent either, takers. I mean, there are a lot of dirt bags in this country, and I think it’s somewhere in between 47 and zero,” Mahr continued. “I think we should split the difference and say we have 23.5 percent dirt bags in America. I do. Like the Octomom. California pays. We pay to, you know, feed and clothe and spay and neuter her children. And she’s not giving back to society.”

Mahr also went on to comment about the number of people on disability now compared to the past. He said in 1968 it was 51 people on disability for every one who is paying, but that ratio is now 13 to one.

“You know, it just seems like there’s less people pulling the wagon and more people in the wagon, and at some point the wagon is going to break,” said Mahr.

See Mahr’s remarks from the Media Research Center here:


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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

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17 thoughts on “Mitt Romney right again, Bill Mahr says ‘dirt bags’ don’t pay their share

  1. jcm52 says:

    "he reason he is taxed at such a low rate is because his money has already been taxed, which means this “low” tax rate he pays is the second tax on it."

    Actually, no. The tax rate a hedge fund manager pays is from a special loop hole. It is not money that Romney earned before and then invested. This is money he is paid by others to handle their investments. It is money he was being paid to do work. Let's be clear. Just like the rest of us, when we do work, and are paid money for doing that work, we pay tax. Just the rules for hedge fund managers mean that they are taxed at 15%, while the rest of us are taxed at a much higher rate.

  2. Jeffrey Soto says:

    I dare you to watch his program. He can be incendiary with his conservative guests, and he's completely crass at times, but he gets quite a lot right.

  3. Jeffrey Soto says:

    What makes you sure of that, in any event? Why is it that so many people seem to think that they can intuitively know something that they could never possibly figure out without rigorous research and analysis?

  4. Jzs says:

    Barrak Obama didn't reveal his birth certificate until after he had been in office for 3 years. That is more than enough time for him to make a fake certificate. Also last I checked nobody was questioning whether Romney was born in the us, so that is a very mute point.

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