Obama in violation of ‘Stimulus Bill’ by not submitting quarterly reports

Obama, Biden in White HouseThe American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the $831 billion Stimulus Bill, requires the executive branch to:

…”submit quarterly reports to the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and House of Representatives that detail the impact of programs funded through covered funds on employment, estimated economic growth, and other key economic indicators.”

These quarterly reports were to be the so called report card on the massive spending bill.

Which may explain why the last time the Obama administration had submitted such a report was for the period ending in June 2011, as noted by The Weekly Standard.

Not to suggest that such an effort was not a priority for President Obama, who was quick to stand before the media when the Stimulus Bill was passed and pledge to “get this right.” In fact, he put his “top man” on the job.

“The fact that I’m asking my vice president to personally lead this effort shows how important it is for our country and future to get this right,” Obama said at the time.

In his trumped up role, Biden was to help ensure the distribution of the money was “efficient and effective,”  and provide regular, public reports to the president on implementation and post his reports on Recovery.gov, a Web site that allows visitors track where the money from the stimulus package is going, as reported by UPI.

By now, the Obama administration was supposed to have released fourteen quarterly reports. It has released only eight.

Someone may want to alert the adoring media.


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4 thoughts on “Obama in violation of ‘Stimulus Bill’ by not submitting quarterly reports

  1. judy mcpherson says:

    This stimulus money was why the democrats were able to win a second term. It was paid for by our tax dollars…so much for democracy!

  2. -Franklin Johnson says:

    And just in the hell is going to do anything abou it, .A democratically controlled congress?

  3. Linda Hoskinson says:

    A Bunch of Check Kiters! Has Obama or the Democrats Ever Submitted a Budget On Anything?

    PS: We Live In A Republic. Let's Keep It That Way.

  4. Samantha says:

    send them all to jail for fraud. I do not care who he is, if it was someone else their butts would be in soooo much trouble and facing charges. Just because he is OBAMA and his ADMINISTRATION does not give them the right to do what they are doing to this country. Hold them accountable and stop being such stupid igonorant pansies on this and kick their butts to the curb.

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