Dem senator, NRA member, challenges Feinstein’s gun bill with one of his own

Joe Manchin

Sen. Joe Manchin is aiming to pass sensible gun laws.

At a time when President Obama and numerous members of Congress are calling for an outright ban on weapons based solely on cosmetics, it’s refreshing to hear that at least one person in the Beltway can retain some common sense.

A U.S. senator is working with the National Rifle Association to draft gun control legislation that everyone can live with — Republicans, Democrats and, yes, even the NRA.

Conservative Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia “scores an A by NRA on pro-gun rights policies,” the website says. Manchin told Metro News radio’s Talkline that he’s hammering out legislation with members of both parties, according to the Washington Post, which quotes the senator as saying on the radio show:

“I’m working on a bill right now with other senators — Democrats and Republicans — we’re trying to get it, and looking at a background check that basically says that if you’re going to be a gun owner, you should be able to pass a background check, to be able to get [universal background checks].

Manchin said he foresees exceptions to the background check requirement. For example, he would exempt “immediate family members, some sporting events that you’re going to — that if you’re just going to be using them at the sporting events.”

Manchin also said his bill would more than likely require background checks for sales between private parties.

“I think that’s common sense,” he said. “Why would a legitimate gun retail shop have to go through that, but then the unfair advantage for someone at a gun show doesn’t?”

If this is something the NRA has already agreed to, it represents a significant concession on its part.

If there is going to be any federal gun legislation enacted this year, Manchin’s proposals make far more sense than the efforts taken by Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, a fellow Democrat.
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9 thoughts on “Dem senator, NRA member, challenges Feinstein’s gun bill with one of his own

  1. Jim Hegarty says:

    How about just enforcing current laws.

  2. Sandra Warren says:

    Why should we give up ANY of our Rights? I am sick and tired of giving up my rights for these jackasses when they don't do anything but add more red tape on top. This isn't the cause of the problem. I am also sick of the “I think that’s common sense,” statement. NO Common sense is when you enforce the laws already in place, hold the PERSON accountable for the actions not the weapon, and otherwise get your house in order before you start messing with mine. THIS right is very clear in the constitution. And if the 2nd Amendment wasn't clear enough, you have the 10th Amendment to reiterate it.


  3. Digenes says:

    I just love how an incursion into civil liberties is "common sense." I see a lot of semi literate posts, and some that are downright ranting. Perhaps we should use the same "common sense" approach to see if one is competent to exercise one's first amendment rights.

  4. Samantha says:

    I do not think that we need anymore gun laws or stupid nonsense about what to do with guns and gun safety. There are already gun laws and guns safety schools out there that need to be reinforced and not redone to fit ones agenda. We already have backgroud checks and person to person laws and not to mention gun show laws on the books that is not inforced or upheld to legal standards. We do not need to rewrite laws to do anything with guns or gun owners or even the gun shows. We just simply need to inforced the laws that are already there. We also need to redo our prison systems and make them tougher and more stricter prison systems. People are not scared to commit crimes anymore because of the lack of tougher laws and stiffer prison sentences within the prison system. Prison inmates get more things in prison like internet access, degree's, School diploma's, work releases, television, computer classes and what ever else they desire. This is not what a prison system is or needs to be. They go to prison because they commit crimes but get babied in there and get things handed to them because whinny people think it is inhuman to treat criminals like they are, CRIMINALS. They do not need to be treated like kings and queens in prison because they raped, murdered or tortured some one or beat some on up or kidnapped them. They commited a crime and the need to be punished for doing so. The victims are the ones who are having to suffer because of what they do and where they end up with everything they want in prison. But, Unfortunately the little whinny babies out there are not going to stop whinning and more criminals are going to keep commiting crimes because those whinny little idiots keep saying they deserve to be treated better because they commited those crimes. Fix our prison system and remove 90% of what they have and I promise crimes will go down because they do not want to go to a prison where they actually have to be in prison. Leave our gun laws alone and inforce the ones on the books and stop writting new ones to fit to ones agenda.

  5. Donna says:

    It's the overton window as usual – Dianne Frankenfeinstein introduces a draconian gun ban bill so extreme no one will accept it (nor are they meant to) – on the other end we have others demanding that no changes be made (also deemed unacceptable) – so when they meet in the middle with their grand compromise everyone will congratulate themselves on a bi-partisan job well done…but in reality it's just a psychological game politicians play to perfection to slowly whittle away at our rights – and we always fall for it.

    1. Sandra Warren says:

      Well said Donna!!!

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  7. J. Davis says:

    The problem at gun shows is not unlicensed dealers as the Senator implies. If there is a problem, it is individual buyers and sellers at the shows. Simple solution is for the gun shows to police the shows and not allow this action.

    Now for the sale from one private citizen to another just how do they do background checks? They can't. They would have to go to a dealer and pay them to do each individual check.

    Having said all of that, Senator Joe this still would not prevent any of the recent shootings.

  8. J. Davis says:

    Correct Donna!

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