Tahrir Square protest: ‘Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians’

Thousands, protesting against the Muslim Brotherhood backed-Morsi government gathered in Cairo, Egypt’s Tahrir Square on Friday to mark the second anniversary of the uprising that eventually led to the overthrow of another autocratic regime, Hosni Mubarak’s, according to Fox News.

The Fox report continues:

Hundreds of thousands are expected to turn out for the rallies planned in Cairo and several major cities. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups are staying off the streets to avoid clashes.

Friday’s rallies come a day after opposition protesters battled police for hours near Tahrir. The clashes injured scores of opposition protesters

One protester used the occasion to voice his opinion of President Obama, who earlier this week delivered four state-of-the-art F-16 fighter jets to the Morsi government, according to YouTube News.

The sign calls Obama a “jerk” and an “idiot” for backing a regime that is killing its citizens and reads as follows:

Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians, so how come they can guarantee you the security of Israel

Hey Obama your deal with the Muslim Brotherhood is unsuccessful.

Obama you idiot, keep in mind that Egypt is not Muslim brotherhood, and if you don’t believe that, go and see what’s happening in Tahrir Square NOW.

Appearing on FNC’s “Special Report,” syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer observed, that President Obama “doesn’t have a foreign policy. There’s nothing coherent about it.” That fact is beginning to show.

Cairo sign

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9 thoughts on “Tahrir Square protest: ‘Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians’

  1. Richard Goodrum says:

    The Egyptians, Like America was lied to by the one they though would make a better future. Once in power, both Morsi & Obama led an efforts to do what will destroy the country.

    Both need to be removed from office in order to save the countries.

  2. greg sember says:

    is the brotherhood using the jets supplied by obama?

  3. Big Dem says:

    Obama doesn't care! He is intent on implimenting federal authority in the form of total command-and-control in Washington and then having America become simply one part of a one-world governance. This man is overturning every aspect of traditional American culture and societal structure he can in a deliberate effort to create change into the socialism he was taught is the divine structure that is "best" for us unwashed, stupid masses. Obama sees himself as part of a special elite who are better than the rest of us, and therefore entitled (that's right, entitled) to force us to do has he dictates. Obama doesn't pay any attention to individuals such as the man in this photo, simply because Obama is content in his belief this man knows nothing important, so he cares not for his opinion. You see, to Obama, this man is simply one of the unwashed masses he must herd to our "collective" destiny because HE knows what is best for us.

    Time to organize ourselves. The best way to start is by organizing locally and becoming active in local politics. Elect true conservatives to local offices. Have true Constitutional conservatives take over local and state offices. With control of the states, we can easily stop this Progressive power grab from Washington. A vital part of this effort is to seize control of local media whenever possible. Read Bizpac Review daily and recommend it to your friends. Spurn other local newspapers, especially online. When their "eyeballs" count online goes down, so will their ad revenue. The money will dry up and they will be out of business, while Bizpac thrives.

  4. mo winters says:

    defence budgets of over three trillion dollars on wars overseas per year should fix the USA economy not debates over Obamacare Mr. Obama.. if u put a hole in that huge military spending Mr. bernanke should be happy… then again global dominance and all…Washington Consensus and all…at least try to mind your own matters/manners. you're making a huge mess in the Mid East in EGYPT the country that spread Islamism to ALQAEDA??? 911 did we forget that already??????? Not to mention zero sense in diplomacy with major international players BRICS, making friends with islamists oh that's right you have religious fanatics of all sorts in your own administration i forgot. Not wanting to interfere in internal affairs? pleaze if u don't do something know after all these ppl are dead ppl all throughout egypt and the region will be pointing at your country and unfortunately Israel will be blamed by default. it always had been that way two peas in a pod…Be smart, be proactive DO SOMETHING POSITIVE NOW. BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. otherwise

    way to go to apocalypse and thank u U.S.A.!!!!!!!

  5. RUSTIOD says:



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