President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s first ever joint interview on ’60 Minutes’

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“60 Minutes” announced Friday that for the first time ever, President Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will appear together for a joint interview on the show this Sunday evening:

“The President and the Secretary of State – President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton appear in their first joint interview when they speak together to Steve Kroft,” according to the show’s website.

While listening to Fox News yesterday, the question was asked who President Obama would support if both Vice President Joe Biden and Clinton ran for president in 2016. We just may be getting a slight indication.

Interestingly, USA Today reported, “The 60 Minutes people note that this is the first interview the president has ever done with anyone other than First Lady Michelle Obama.’”

So, speculation abounds on the Internet about what Kroft will ask the pair. One would expect questions about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi and the State Department’s fumbling of security at the consulate. Perhaps, questions about Clinton’s recent testimony before Congress. Certainly one would expect a question or three about Clinton’s desire to run for president in 2016, right? We shall see.

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2 thoughts on “President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s first ever joint interview on ’60 Minutes’

  1. Still at their down & dirty politics! Liars at their BEST!!! We have the Deceiver In Chief, along with the Secrecy of State!!!Where are the witnesses rescued from Benghazi? Where is the Justice for Ambassador Stevens,Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods? They were set up to be murdered! What did they know that made them liabilities? Hold this administration accountable for Justice of these Americans!! It was a well planned Terrorist attack!!! It was definitely swept under the rug!!! Their families & the American people need the truth. No more lies, lies, lies & cover-ups. This administration & all of its cronies will FOREVER have blood stains on their hands!!!

  2. Jackson says:

    President Obama has done a good job considering the economy he inherited and the most hateful/spiteful group of Republicans in our nations history. It's amazing how much most Republicans are against anything and everything the President stands for- whether it's a good idea or not. It's a shame too because 50 years from now we'll be thankful for universal health care and equal pay for women, just to name two things. He's far from perfect but who is?

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