Is Christie-Obama bromance waning?

With New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie slamming President Obama’s inaugural speech, calling it “too polarizing,” could the bromance be on the wane?

Or is Christie experiencing symptoms of multiple personality disorder? Or maybe Christie woke up and said, “I better start acting like a Republican again and stop bashing my own party and loving on Obama if I want consideration in 2016.” Maybe.

Speaking of the polarizing, partisan tone of Obama’s inaugural speech, Christie told 101.5 FM, “Instead of trying to bring people together, it was a manifesto for, ‘Hey, it’s my way or the highway,’” PolitickerNJ reported.

Those were the harshest words Christie has had for Obama in months, after the hand-shaking, man-hugging love fest the two shared during Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Though he has been loud and outspoken in his criticism of the party recently, Christie told New Jersey listeners there are still “a lot of positives” in the GOP.

I think Christie realized he estranged his Republican base and worries it will show him the highway in 2016 if he doesn’t come back around.

Listen to the audio of some of Christie’s comments here:


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