Rubio grills Clinton: An early 2016 face-off?

As Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., questioned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wednesday on Capitol Hill about the deadly raid on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, there was much speculation in the blogosphere that this may well be the first face-off between eventual 2016 presidential contenders.

As part of the exchange, Rubio asked Clinton about her knowledge of the security situation in Benghazi prior to the attack.

“Were you ever asked to participate in any sort of internal or interagency meeting before this attack with regards to the deteriorating security situation in Libya?” Rubio asked.

 “With specific security requests, they didn’t come to me – I had no knowledge of them,” Clinton replied. “With regard to the situation in Libya – not just Eastern Libya, across Libya – there were a number of conversations and meetings to try to see what we could do while Libya went through this transition from transitional government, to interim government, to elections to try to get in there and help them with security.”

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22 thoughts on “Rubio grills Clinton: An early 2016 face-off?

  1. juan says:


  2. kateinmacclenny says:

    I hope marco had boots on!

  3. kateinmacclenny says:

    Bill Clinton perjured himself. What would you call the line of DC malarkey from HC

  4. Bob says:

    I'll say it again. No matter what you think of Rubio, he is not eligible to run for President. same as Obama.

    1. Robert R says:

      Agree! Is apparently too difficult to comprehend

  5. Robert R says:

    I keep hearing and reading references of Rubio for 2016? Rubio cannot, like our present Pres, run for Pres. He is NOT natural-born citizen. His parents were not citizens when he was brought to the US. He is an excellent representative and a great proponent of Conservativism. He supports our Constitution very well BUT he CANNOT be President.

  6. RUSerious says:

    Bottom line,all in all, a very poor and disappointing performance from the junior senator from Florida, report card reads 'Must do better'.

  7. RUSerious says:


  8. RUSerious says:

    Right Ted! This issue began with RoMoney and Fox noise entertainment and should have been dropped ages ago, but the GOP is basically leaderless and rudderless and heading towards Whig party extinction, there's no-one left to insult.

  9. RUSerious says:

    Teresa, I agree, I wondered if BizBac actually watched the exchange between Rubio and Clinton too…

  10. Anne says:

    I agree, I wouldn't call that "Grilling", per say. I looked it up on Youtube but heard the same thing from start to finish. She ended by saying she would provide him with a list, so it is obviously not finished. They may be saving the best for last but don't forget they have to portray a diplomatic image. Other countries, especially unstable ones where the militia IS the government or in control of the government, are much quicker than ours. Consequences don't mean anything to them. This is what we have to be aware of happening in our own backyard. They don't take as much time as we do, which is why I heavily support our second amendment. Our financial market is volatile and in danger, Obamacare has NOT taken effect yet, I believe our taxes will increase substantially to support it and it's administration, our people are divided between parties, and we are really coming under siege. I hope we have much to save in 2016 – and I'm a democrat.

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