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Panetta lifts ban, clears women for combat

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Women in CombatIf Hillary Clinton’s last act as secretary of state — testifying before Congress on the Benghazi affair — is memorable, it’s nothing compared to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s. He’s lifting a 1994 ban on women serving on the front lines.

“This policy change will initiate a process whereby the services will develop plans to implement this decision, which was made by the secretary of defense upon the recommendation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” a senior defense official told reporters on condition of anonymity, according to Fox News.

The Defense Department’s policy change was no doubt prompted by a November lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of four women.

Also late last year, two women who volunteered for the Marine Corps’ brutal Infantry Officer Course failed because they didn’t complete the endurance test.

“Some front-line military roles may open to women as soon as this year,” a Wednesday Fox News article said of the order, expected from Panetta’s office Thursday. “Assessments for others, such as special operations forces, including Navy SEALS and the Army’s Delta Force, may take longer.”

Navy SEALs? Someone call Demi Moore. Tell her to pack her fatigues and catch a flight to Virginia Beach for training. Her country is calling.

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