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House Dem wants to make gun makers liable

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Gun manufacturing plantIf a Democratic lawmaker from California has his way, companies and individuals engaged in the firearms industry may soon find themselves on the wrong end of a series of lawsuits.

U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., introduced a bill in Congress on Tuesday that would amend some of the immunity provisions of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

“That 2005 law gives gun manufacturers, distributors and gun dealers immunity from most civil negligence and product liability actions,” an article in The Hill said.

“Numerous cases around the nation have been dismissed on the basis of PLCAA even when the gun dealers acted in a fashion that would qualify as negligent if it involved any other product,” Schiff said in a letter to House colleagues, according to The Hill. “The victims in these cases are denied the right to even discover and introduce evidence of negligence.”

“My bill will reinstate the intent of PLCAA, allowing civil cases to go forward against irresponsible actors,” the letter continued. “Letting courts hear these cases would provide justice to victims while creating incentives for responsible business practices that would reduce injuries and deaths. At the same time, my bill will provide protection for gun companies who are sued when they do not act negligently, which was the purpose of PLCAA.”

An examination of records at OpenCongress.org reveals that Schiff’s largest campaign contributions came from lawyers and law firms. Imagine that.

Read more at The Hill.

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