Defiant N. Korea’s nuclear test will ‘target the U.S.’

In response to condemnation by the United Nations Security Council over December’s rocket launch, North Korea vowed Thursday to carry out a third nuclear test that would ultimately target the United States.

Defying a U.N. ban, North Korea successfully launched what it claimed was a “peaceful” effort at putting a satellite into space in December. But U.S. officials said satellite launches employ the same technology as intercontinental ballistic missile tests, which the United Nations has forbidden North Korea from conducting, according to a Fox News article.

The Associated Press reported that North Korea’s National Defense Commission, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, issued a statement on the future nuclear launch, saying:

We do not hide that a variety of satellites and long-range rockets which will be launched by the [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] one after another and a nuclear test of higher level which will be carried out by it in the upcoming all-out action, a new phase of the anti-U.S. struggle that has lasted century after century, will target against the U.S., the sworn enemy of the Korean people. Settling accounts with the U.S. needs to be done with force, not with words, as it regards jungle law as the rule of its survival.

The State Department had no response as of yet, according to the AP.

Watch a CNN segment on the new threat from North Korea here:


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