Would you try and bribe a guy named ‘Jihad’?

Two executives of a traffic equipment company were arrested late Tuesday, charged with trying to bribe a Broward County traffic official.

Jon Burstein of the Sun Sentinel had a good piece on the scandal. The official who was allegedly bribed was not named in the indictment, but the article makes it pretty clear who everyone thinks it was.

The Broward County official who allegedly accepted the bribes is only listed by title in court documents — Director of the Broward County Traffic Engineering Division.

The man who had filled that role for 13 years, Jihad El Eid, came under investigation by Broward County more than three years ago for his relationship with Southeast Underground Utilities. That inquiry was turned over to the state and then to the FBI, said Broward Public Works Director Thomas Hutka in a July 2011 interview with the Sun Sentinel.

El Eid was demoted from his job in 2010 and subsequently fired.

Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if you’re an unethical businessman and you’re looking for someone to bribe, it’s probably a good idea to target someone with a name like Joe or Kathy, not someone named Jihad.

Seriously, if someone’s first name is Taliban, Mafia or Hezbollah, you’re probably better off finding someone a little less conspicuous to buy off.

I’ll bet federal prosecutors were laughing themselves sick when they were preparing the indictment.

I mean, not for nothing, but who would trust a guy named Jihad?

Read the full Sun Sentinel story: Broward County traffic official received $150,000 in bribes, feds allege


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