Clinton’s wrath unleashed during Benghazi testimony

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced tough questioning Wednesday from GOP Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, John McCain of Arizona and Rand Paul of Kentucky when she testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Especially notable were the fireworks generated by the Johnson and Clinton exchange.

Johnson highlighted the fact that “within hours if not days,” information was “readily available” that the attack was not a spontaneous demonstration that had gotten out of hand, but rather a planned, coordinated terrorist assault from beginning to end.

Each time Clinton strayed away from the questioning, Johnson interrupted and brought her back.

Whenever anyone begins a sentence with the phrase, “With all due respect,” you know that there probably is no respect between the two. After Jonson’s repeated questions and interruptions, Clinton angrily exclaimed, “”With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk last night who decided to kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?

The difference, Madam Secretary, is that the American people were lied to by this administration and your department for weeks afterward.

The following clip shows the exchange.

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5 thoughts on “Clinton’s wrath unleashed during Benghazi testimony

  1. KB Cook says:

    It's the difference between ACCOUNTABILITY and IRRESPONSIBILITY and she (as well as this whole left-wing-nut administration) doesn't get that difference.

    It took about 18 years of instruction to my kids to get them to recognize the difference — daily instructions which came with consequences.

    This way is apparently is quite unlike the Rules for Radicals,by Saul Alinsky which was the "bible" for this liberal, socialist group that has been holding offices of responsibility to we-the-people and being without accountability to us for the duration….

  2. Big Dem says:

    What a liar! Just as big a liar as her husband: "I never had sex with that woman. Not one time!" These two are so phony they can cry out of one eye. All of this was show to safeguard Hillary's image so she can run for president in 2016. Trust me, it is coming. She is one of the entitled political rulling elite, and by God, she's gonna get her due! After all the years of public humiliation she endured for Bill, it is her turn to be Queen now. Drop a postcard to your Senators and Representatives demanding she be personally investigated and disowned politically.

  3. Diogenes says:

    I now have my defense if I'm ever on trial for murder. "With all due respect, your honor, what difference does it make if I killed the victim, or some guys decided one night to go kill him?!" I'm sure that will work as well for me as it does for her.

  4. Dora says:

    KB, You are RIGHT! But now what?! They are skating by with all of it! This is what! WE CAN'T STOP! As exhausting, frustrating, ugly & hopeless as it all seems, we need to continue to stick together & build & grow! Obviously our congress is not! Tea Parties are on the rise! I am Latin & am now hooking up with a black conservative group as well as another latin conservative group as well as a womens conservative group & so on & so forth! We NEED to let them know we are here, such as the NRA! Start growing with them as well so obama & his administration CANNOT start doing all of the executive orders in which we knew he was going to start doing! Support Orly Taitz , Joe Arpaio & Judge Roy Moore on eligibility in hopes that we can find one honest judge, which I think is judge Moore….because it now seems that Benghazi is going nowhere! That was one of our hopes that hillary would maybe see the light & tell some truths! Call your senators & Congress members! Ours are all demo's but we are calling & giving them shit! Bunch of Spineless etc……

    They are all bought! All of them, Supreme Court as well!

  5. Michael J. Nappi says:

    Hillary, you asked "what does it matter now?".

    Obviously it didn't matter to you and Barrack Obama on September 11, 2012.

    It didn't matter to you and Obama when Susan Rice lied to the citizens of the United Stated of America and the world telling us our embassy was attacked because of an obscure film on youtube.

    It didn't matter to you and Obama during the presidential election of 2012 and is doesn't matter to both of you now.

    It DOES MATTER that before American soil was being attacked our government employees had their request for more security turned down because funds were not available. It matters that Obama's budget has over 60 billion dollars is aid for Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan but he could not find money to protect Americans, employed by our own government in a hostile, foreign land.

    It matters that while this was going on, you Hillary Clinton were not doing the job you were paid to do.

    It matters that our president was too busy rubbing elbows with celebrities and his slanderous campaign for re-election to be doing the job he was elected to do.

    It matters that members of our military who were ready, willing, and able to assist those in danger that cried out for help they were told to stand down by their superiors. It matters that we still do not know where that order to stand down originated from.

    It matters that the press has been an accessory to this and other "cover ups" committed by this regime.

    It matters that Americans have lost loved ones unnecessarily in the line of duty under your command and the command of president Obama. It matters that brave men died while cowards like you and our president hide facts and lie to the face of America.

    It matters that you and Obama each assumed responsibility but refuse to acknowledge and face penalties for your complete and total failure to perform the jobs you and Obama were hired for.

    It matters because neither you or Obama are above the laws that govern our nation. It matters because this is the straw that has broken the back of many Americans.

    It matters because this is more proof that you and the administration's first priority is keeping your jobs instead of doing what is right and what is best for America.

    It matters because you can not run away, you can not hide and you will not distract us from the fact that the blood that stains the hands of you and the president is there because you think those that have died do not matter, that the American people do not matter now and we the people are here to follow and serve the government.

    It does matter to us that you and our president are unfaithful to America, to it's people and to it's constitution.

    It matters Hillary Clinton, because this is AMERICA and you and our president are where you are to serve we the people.

    It matters because you have both failed miserable in our service.

    It matters because you both must no face the truth and pay the price for your treason.

    It matters because this is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

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