Panetta says al Qaeda like ‘cancer,’ U.S. must ‘fight back’

art.panetta.gi_1On Monday, we brought you a Fox News video with national security expert KT McFarland, who spoke Sunday on the escalating al-Qaida-linked terrorist activity in Northern Africa, and the very real possibility we will see more attacks against, and hostage taking of, Americans if the United States doesn’t do more to find and hold accountable those responsible.

Now, according to an article in The Hill, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is saying the same: America “has got to fight back” against al-Qaida.

Panetta told reporters Monday that al-Qaida was like “an adapting cancer,” the Hill reported, and America “has got to fight back” against them after three Americans and 34 others were killed in the hostage crisis in Algeria.

Panetta said that though “U.S. forces had made key gains against the terror group in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere,” al-Qaida was resourceful and has “shown a capacity to rebound even after being pushed out of safe havens.”

President Obama issued a statement Saturday saying, “The blame for this tragedy rests with the terrorists who carried it out, and the United States condemns their actions in the strongest possible terms. We have been in constant contact with Algerian officials and stand ready to provide whatever assistance they need in the aftermath of this attack.”

Well, pacifist-like former Sen. Chuck Hagel is Obama’s nominee to replace Panetta as secretary of defense. Time will tell if America will truly be committed to “fighting back” against al-Qaida to thwart future attacks against America and Americans.

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2 thoughts on “Panetta says al Qaeda like ‘cancer,’ U.S. must ‘fight back’

  1. Joseph Jr. says:

    Being Obama is an atheist and refused to recite the whole oath says a lot. He backs al-Quida and the Muslim brotherhood. He could care less if Americans, Jews or any of our use to be allies get killed. He is part of our alliances downfall. Right now I truely believe that Obama is the biggest threat to our freedom.

  2. Rich says:

    Our forefathers did not envision the US to be the police of the world let alone be caught up in long engagements. Number one we can't afford it. Number two it is taxing our resources and putting a great deal of stress on our military personnel. Send our congressional leaders on the front lines maybe they will earn their pay.

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