‘Under God’ missing from Obama’s inaugural

For the very first time in presidential inaugural history, the invocation was delivered by a non-clergy member, and it showed.

The oft-heard words from the Pledge of Allegiance were included in the invocation as follows: “We now stand beneath the shadow of the nation’s capitol, who’s golden dome reflects the unity and democracy of one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Noticeably missing was the phrase, “under God.”

Welcome to Amerika, comrades.

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157 thoughts on “‘Under God’ missing from Obama’s inaugural

  1. Harry says:

    Nicely said.

  2. Jeffrey Soto says:

    No, he wasn't. Mitt Romney insinuated that jobs were moving from America to China in an outsourcing scheme to produce Jeeps in China and ship them back to America. In reality, Jeep is merely expanding its production in China, to sell -in china-, because it's not economically feasible to produce autos in America and transport them because of Chinese tariffs. There is no shift of manufacturing work- the company is just expanding production.

  3. Leetayo says:

    Many of you should wink in the mirror when speaking about the RepUUb party: "Mitt's" son pretty much summed up how big a bunch of fools we were for supporting his father's election bid when he stated that he didn't know of any person who had less a desire to be president than my father, and no one upbraided this statement; so are we to think "Mitt " was some sort of reluctant Moses/Cincinnatus figure, or just another fake candidate like McCain? What we have are a bunch of Republicans who really think like Democrats, who love government for the jobs it provides for cronnies, but need to play to the plebians back in the sticks. These Republicrats don''t mind losing a Natl. election, and don't mind playing second fiddle: what they do mind is going back home, being out of the loop, missing the cocktail parties. I don't think it was any accident that Washington's swampy location was chosen, afterall it is a pretty misserable place during half the year, so if there is any one good thing that could be legislated for the general good of the country, it would be to outlaw air conditioning within the confines of the"beltway". Yes, this outlawing, of a major creature comfort, and while we're at it central heating, might discourage our "betters" into staying close to home where they would be subject to an immediate group of watchfull, active critics who could assemble on short notice outside the culprits home to display displeasure toward any unconstitutional behavior.

  4. zeke shaw says:

    wow you are such a democrat

  5. Dale says:

    Daniel……U r an a**hole……..U r so full of crap it's pitiful………U r just another one of those dumb asses that voted for Obama because he was black and you fell for his lies….How dare u use God's name in the same sentence as Obama…Obama is the anti-christ and u r one of his lil devil followers that the Bible speaks of……How can God bless America when that Idiot refuses to put "Under God" in his inaugurational speech……….the ONLY president to ever do that…..he's trying to make this country socialist and he will succeed in doing that because of jerks like u that voted for the Idiot………..and the only reason he chose Biden as Vice President because he knew Biden would be too stupid in figuring out what Obama was doing…..it's people like you that bring America down


  6. Dale says:

    Jeff…………I hope the day that u die that God allows me to watch him cast your ass into the pits of hell………….U say there is no God……….Prove it isnt……….I can prove it is………..God made u didnt he………….and dont say it was evolution because 2 apes having sex cant make a white man

  7. arianne h says:

    For those of you still in the dark, let me assure you of this one thing: Barak Obama has one agenda…. to set America up for desruction and takeover…..From his illegally passing laws and appointing power through his "executive orders", to giving weapns and fighter jets to Egypt, to his total disregard to our Constitution…..Americans are facing the same tyranny we have fought so hard to erradicate inn countries arround the world…….

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