Nevada assemblyman arrested for threatening to shoot fellow Dem lawmaker

brooksA Nevada Democratic assemblyman has been arrested for threatening fellow Democratic Speaker-elect Marilyn Kirkpatrick, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Assemblyman Steven Brooks, 40, of North Las Vegas threatened to harm Kirkpatrick because he was unhappy with his committee assignments, which did not include an expected chairmanship of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.

Brooks was arrested with a loaded gun during a traffic stop after threatening to shoot Kirkpatrick, as the Las Vegas Sun report states. He was booked into Las Vegas City Jail on one count of intimidating a public officer by threat of physical violence.

Brooks was first elected in 2010 and his behavior in caucus meetings was said to be “erratic,” prompting leadership to begin documenting his behavior.

The alleged threats have prompted security protection to be provided for two top legislative leaders.

“Ms. Kirkpatrick is being watched until it is deemed not necessary,” Assembly Majority Leader William Horne said in a Las Vegas Review-Journal report. “Law enforcement has been dispatched to my home as well. Obviously something has risen to a level where it is better to be safe than sorry.”

No word on Assemblyman Brooks’ position on gun control.


4 thoughts on “Nevada assemblyman arrested for threatening to shoot fellow Dem lawmaker

  1. torepedo says:

    what do you expect ? All the hard core violent areas of the country are true blue democrat strong holds

  2. Nina Foster says:

    That's Democrat for you, no class like the President !!

  3. RonSr says:

    Everything flows down hill, what you have at the top will creep down.


    So much for civility!! Is it possible that, THAT house to is too divided. For the sake of all GUN Respecting Traditional Americans, I hope they throw the book at this CLOWN!!

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