McFarland: Obama leaves American civilians ‘wide open and unprotected’

Fox News’ national security expert, KT McFarland, spoke Sunday on the escalating al-Qaeda linked terrorism in Northern Africa, and the very real possibility we will see more terrorist attacks against, and hostage taking of, Americans if the U.S. doesn’t do more to find and hold accountable those responsible.

McFarland said the United States helped open a “Pandora’s Box” by taking down dictators in the Middle East. She said al-Qaeda has moved in and taken advantage of the political chaos left in the wake of the revolutions and Arab Spring.

In a roundabout way, McFarland suggested the Algerian government did more to curb future attacks then the U.S. did in Benghazi. She helped explain the Algerian government’s rationale in rescuing the hostages: “So the Algerian government wanted to do this hostage takedown on its own…they cared less about preserving life and maybe saving hostages, as crushing this al-Qaeda movement that they don’t want to get a foothold and do now what they did in the 1990s.”

She had strong words for the Obama administration for not going after those terrorists responsible for the murders of our ambassador and diplomats in Benghazi. McFarland believes there will be an increase in violence against Americans from North Africa, to the Middle East, to Afghanistan for our lack of action. She said because we are “perceived to be leaving the region,” American civilians are left behind “wide open and unprotected.”

McFarland said Obama needs to send a message to our enemies: “Go after the terrorists… a little less talk and a little bit more do. He [Obama] hasn’t followed words with actions.”

Watch the Fox News interview here:

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2 thoughts on “McFarland: Obama leaves American civilians ‘wide open and unprotected’

  1. John Koza says:

    I'm afraid our President may be "all show and no go". We need to demonstrate to both our enemies and our allies that we mean business when it comes to these terrorists and lip service doesn't count. The terrorists don't play by humane rules so we aren't in a game of "footsie". We need to have, as Elvis would say, "A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION, A LITTLE MORE ACTION PLEASE." We need to be firm and straightforward and there have to be severe consequences, not a lot of talk. There are far too many innocent peoples lives in the balance to not seek out and put al-Qaeda to an end or to cripple it so that it cannot operate effectively and efficiently. Our apparent lack of action in Benghazi only makes the terrorists think they can get by, in my opinion, with more. Somebody is going to have to say, "Enough's enough, party's over!" Then, follow that up with a house cleaning. Whether President Obama will accept this challenge remains to be seen. If he doesn't, an awful lot of innocent people worldwide are going to be harmed.

  2. yavin says:

    There is a clear hesitation by the Obama Administration since it took office in 2008 to seriously take on the terrorists that target US citizens in the world. The reason seems to be that Obama fears offending the larger Muslim world for any such action. Yes , the President is an excellent communicator but lacking in effectiveness. He is also not a supporter of Israel.

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