‘Lone wolf threat’ worries Inauguration Day security

A CBS This Morning report discussed the security measures being taken in and around Washington, D.C. Monday in preparation for President Obama’s Inauguration.

The news report said there will be more than 10,000 law enforcement officials from the state to the federal level, including the National Guard, on duty Monday.

Area waterways will be closed “for 48 hours surrounding the inaugural time frame…as more than 20 Coast Guard and police boats conduct patrols along 22 miles of shoreline,” according to the report.

John Miller, a former assistant director of national intelligence, told CBS “that in addition to behavioral detection teams, security will also be deploying equipment monitoring the air to detect chemical, biological and radiological threats.”

Still, Miller said it is the “lone wolf threat” that concerns security and law enforcement officials:

When you’re looking at the international threat picture, what you’re focusing on is networks, and there’s sources and there’s collection and there’s intercepts. With the lone wolf, that’s the guy who’s going to end up in the crowd — it’s the John Hinckley, it’s the Lee Harvey Oswald, it’s the one who’s probably spoken to no one, ’cause the conversation is going on in his mind. That’s where you have a zero intelligence base and that’s where the Secret Service really, really earns its money.

Watch the CBS This Morning report:

Watch security expert John Miller’s interview here:


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2 thoughts on “‘Lone wolf threat’ worries Inauguration Day security

  1. Brian K Nicholson says:

    I would in no way condone any attempt to physically harm obama, he along with every single person who has aided his agenda should be tried for treason, impersonating an American citizen, falsifying federal documents, lying under oath, and a hundred others. All documents concerning fast and furious, Benghazi, Seal Team 6, should be subpeoned w/no exutive privelidge allowed. All deaths-suicides of any person or persons w/any associaation to this administration should be investigated by the sherriffs ass, nothing state or federal

    1. mjs says:

      Today is a GREAT day in America. That being said it is ignorant people like yourself who keep this country divided. Hate breeds hate my friend. learn the truth. Educate yourself with unbiased news sources and think before you speak. You have a duty as an America citizen to not speak such hateful rhetoric.

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