Classless Democrats boo Paul Ryan at inauguration

As the president called for a “higher level of discourse,” the crowd booed U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc. Department of Justice lawyer Dan Freeman reportedly started the chorus of boos.

Ryan was Mitt Romney’s running mate in Romney’s bid to defeat President Obama’s re-election.

Don’t Democrats like to refer to themselves as the party of tolerance? 


42 thoughts on “Classless Democrats boo Paul Ryan at inauguration

  1. Kat says:

    Regardless, whoever booed, it was disrespectful and classless.

  2. jmz says:

    Karen we know because people like you type the same nonsense over and over again. dems and libs booed god at the dnc you know it was dem and libs quit trying to hide. unlike you our pregiduce comes from history and facts, yours comes from ignorance

  3. suzanne says:

    Karen………think about what you just said about Rep's not liking him too………now think about the event at hand….lol chicky do you really think a whole lot of Rep's attended……….so when your a minority you don't boo the minority was obviously a demo….and the Pres chewing Nickorette gum is fine, just don't chew like a cow when your being sworn in….it's called 'having no class'…… the 1st lady really needs to take in account, how a lady should act when attending her husbands ignaugoration…..again 'no class'……..again ';no class with the booing'…..the Dem's have showed us no class so what did you expect!

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