Biden tells tree huggers’ ‘keep the faith,’ we’re helping you next

Joe Biden hugging the tree-huggers
Biden: “Keep the faith.”

Even though the United Kingdom’s national weather service said Earth officially stopped warming 16 years ago, the Obama administration vows to make climate change the hallmark of the president’s second term. I assume this is in addition to gun control, immigration reform, closing Guantanamo Bay, cooling tempers in the Middle East, working out an arms reduction treaty with Russia and anything else it can think of.

Vice President Joe Biden made this announcement Sunday at the “Green Ball,” echoing a similar, though vague promise President Obama made a week after his re-election.

“Keep the faith,” he said, according to a Politico report, adding that the administration will compel the nation to “finally face up to climate change.”

When the Waxman- Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act failed in the Senate, rather than taking his ball and going home, Obama made an end run around Congress and authorized the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate carbon emissions.

The industry balked, joined forces as the Coalition for Responsible Regulation and filed suit. The industry lost in June, when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled unanimously that the EPA had lawfully determined that greenhouse-gas emissions pose a danger to public health and welfare.

With this green light, the administration proceeded to decimate the coal industry and coal-fired power plants.

During the Waxman-Markey debate, Paul “Chip” Knappenberger, Administrator of the World Climate Report, estimated the bill would reduce global temperatures by nine-hundredths of one degree Fahrenheit by the year 2050, according to

Despite the cost to jobs, industry and the economy, the measely “bang for its buck” and the needlessness of it all, the vice president pledged to plow on.

“I don’t intend on ending this four years without getting an awful lot more done,” Biden said to the ball-goers, according to Politico.

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