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D.C. Prosecutor wins gun debate with ‘just the facts’

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Fox Business Channel’s “The Willis Report” hosted former D.C. prosecutor Jeffrey Shapiro and NY State Homeland Security Czar Michael Balboni to debate the facts of gun control laws based on past legislation and statistics. The result – a clearer picture of the issue from a legal standpoint. Without the “whipped up outrage” and strong emotional appeal of the left  gun owners have the facts on their side.

Willis Report


An excerpt from Shapiro’s Wall Street Journal post:

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro: A Gun Ban That Misfired
What I saw as a prosecutor in Washington, D.C., makes me wary of strict firearms laws

As a former prosecutor in Washington, D.C., who enforced firearms and ammunition cases while a severe local gun ban was still in effect, I am skeptical of the benefits that many imagine will result from additional gun-control efforts. I dislike guns, but I believe that a nationwide firearms crackdown would place an undue burden on law enforcement and endanger civil liberties while potentially increasing crime.

The D.C. gun ban, enacted in 1976, prohibited anyone other than law-enforcement officers from carrying a firearm in the city. Residents were even barred from keeping guns in their homes for self-defense. Read more . . .

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