Are Jews willing to accept being called ‘pigs’?

Calling all Jewish organizations! Where are you? Please report in immediately!

That’s my cry to the well-funded Jewish groups, kept in business by Jewish dollars, claiming to stand for Israel and repudiate Jew bashers. So far, none have come out to criticize New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof for retweeting a message that referred to the National Rifle Association and American Israel Public Affairs Committee as “pig-like lobbies.”

m j rosenbergThe message, according to The Washington Free Beacon, was first tweeted by notorious Israel critic M.J. Rosenberg.

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with Kristof, a member in great standing of the print media, to call the NRA such a disparaging term. His mindless, liberal followers welcome and all too willingly absorb that kind of libelous, trite verbiage. After all, they do shell out cash for The Times of their own free will. But as of this writing, no Jewish “defense” group, not even the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the victim, has had the guts to respond angrily and forthrightly to this hateful venom. They are, apparently, willing to accept the “pig” description, the typical mantra used by the Palestinians against all Jews.

But wait. Could this be the creeping Muslim description of Jews that the mainstream media is experimenting with, testing the waters of Jewish response? Will the demeaning rhetoric of these radicals be trumpeted in columns written by hundreds of Kristofs around the world? Will I and my family be referred to by Yasser Arafat’s description of Jews, now commonplace among Muslims, as “descendants of apes and pigs”? Are we seen as less than human to these individuals? So where is the vaunted Jewish lobby? Go ask them yourselves before writing out that tax-exempt donation.

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Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


4 thoughts on “Are Jews willing to accept being called ‘pigs’?

  1. zipora arison says:

    I am with you 100%

    I read your mail and your voice is clear and honest .( painfully true)

    Please tell me how can I help?

  2. Barbara Dobbin says:


  3. Sean says:

    It's because your supposition is false and irresponsible. To label someone as anti-semitic because they dare question the motive of any lobby associated with the Jewish people or the money they appropriate for their purpose and then to tie them to the left by associating their probable distaste for the NRA and gun manufacturers monetary relationship is damaging to the ideals behind each organization. If the NRA didn't take a dime from gun manufacturers then they would be immune to the assumption that they are mouthpieces of the industry. I personally am bothered by just about every form of gun control as it opens a window for abuse by the powers that be. I am bothered that gun manufacturers have as much influence as they do in the NRA as the NRA should be an organization of citizens protecting our rights here to own firearms and shouldn't mixing their message with industry interests. I am also sensitive to the situation in Israel but I have questions about sending aid to a country whose interest don't necessarily coincide with our own. That I would be accused of anti-semitism for posing any question to an entity that receives my tax dollars would stir a deep vein of suspicion in me and make me question the over-reaction by said entity and supporters whose continued prosperity in regards to funding would rely on the altruism of a predominately non-Jewish constituency.

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