NY newspaper removes ‘gun map,’ adds defiant letter

The New-York area Journal News announced Friday that its interactive map pinpointing the names and addresses of local gun permit owners is being removed from its website. The decision was made after nearly a month of outcry from lawmakers, police and the public.

The newspaper said its decision was based on its assessment that the map had already served its purpose and that the removal was not as an admission that the map was a bad idea from the start.

“Our decision to do so is not a concession to critics that no value was served by the posting of the map in the first place,” Janet Hasson, publisher of the Gannett-owned newspaper, said in a letter posted on its website. “On the contrary, we’ve heard from too many grateful community members to consider our decision to post information contained in the public record to have been a mistake.

“Nor is our decision made because we were intimidated by those who threatened the safety of our staffers,” she added. “We know our business is a controversial one, and we do not cower.”

The full letter from the Journal News may be read here.

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5 thoughts on “NY newspaper removes ‘gun map,’ adds defiant letter

  1. KB Cook says:

    I hope this newspaper has a cushy legal fund stashed away somewhere, as there WILL be lawsuits filed against them as any criminal acts are committed against these folks who were 'outed' by the paper's actions; some have already happened. The newspaper, to my way of thinking, would be complicit with the criminal(s) for aiding/abetting. If this paper and its ideology is any true representation of the 4th estate as a whole, it's on death row, losing life-support and needs to look for a final resting place – soon!

    1. Karen says:

      They should be sued Royally and then shut down utterly. They don't cower they are moronic.

  2. Bob says:

    I hope there's a chain reaction to their nonsense and their readership drops 75%, forcing them to close their doors. Boo-f*cking-hoo!

  3. Jay says:

    I heard the editor of that story was in hiding..that doesn't sound like they weren't scared! What a disgusting way to gain publicity, by putting others lives in jeopardy! Shameful!

  4. stink says:

    Fuck em…new york voters get what they vote for and deserve…they don't like it,move out but keep their stupid fag liberal voting in jew york..

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