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Dem.Virginia lawmaker brandishes AK-47 in House floor stunt

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State Delegate Joe Morrissey pulled an absolutely idiotic stunt on the floor of the Virginia House Thursday.

This anti-gun nut, a Democrat who clearly has no clue how to safely handle weapons, brandished a borrowed AK-47 in the chamber while calling for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, mimicking a federal government push.

Morrissey assured his House colleagues the gun was unloaded as he pointed the weapon toward the ceiling, but Republican Delegate Todd Gilbert called for a point of order, asking Morrissey to take his finger off the trigger. Good Lord.

“Those who put the Second Amendment into the fabric of our nation understood that a government that is formed and instituted by free people trust its citizens with the right to defend themselves with arms,” Gilbert said, according to the Washington Examiner, adding that “taking guns from citizens is what led to the Holocaust and mass killings under the Soviet Gulag.”

“Members of the General Assembly, law enforcement personnel or anyone with a concealed weapon permit is allowed to bring a gun into the Capitol,” the Examiner article said.

Though Morrissey said that people “overwhelmingly” want lawmakers to ban such weapons, his bill ultimately died in committee on Thursday.

Just a suggestion: House delegates may want to take up a bill banning Morrissey from holding AK-47s in the future until he learns how to handle a weapon.

Watch a video clip of Morrissey’s ridiculous action in the Virginia House of Delegates:
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