White House uses kids in ad after describing NRA ad ‘repugnant and cowardly’

Obama and kids

As President Obama explains the 23 gun control executive orders he is about to sign, Hinna Zeejah, Taejah Goode, Julia Stokes and Grant Fritz look on.

The National Rifle Association drew heavy criticism Thursday from both the left and right for using the president’s children as what a White House official called “pawns in a political fight.” On the same day, the White House posted four YouTube videos of children reading letters to the president asking for gun control.

Referring to the fact that the president’s daughters attend a school with armed guards, the NRA ad asks, “Are the president’s kids more important than yours? Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school?”

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie called the NRA ad “reprehensible” and “awful,” according to the Huffington Post, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said “a president’s children as pawns in a political fight” was both “repugnant and cowardly.”

That same day, the Obama administration posted videos of the four children sitting behind him when he announced he was signing 23 executive actions to deal with firearm violence.

“Can we stop using guns? I think if there are no guns on the street, no one could get hurt,” a girl named Hinna says in one ad. “Bullets don’t have eyes, it can hurt anyone. I’m really scared of guns and criminals around the world. I love my country and I want everyone to be happy and safe. No guns, no guns, no guns, no guns.”

In a post promoting the video, the White House tweeted:
“‘There are no words to explain how sad I am about the school shooting’ -Julia, 11, reads her letter to President Obama: youtu.be/HvPSfeicWXQ”

Trader and investor Peter Korman followed up with his own tweet:
“Cynical and shameful political opportunism. @whitehouse: Grant reads the letter he wrote to President Obama after Newtown: #nowisthetime”

Like the NRA ad, the White House videos drew criticism from both sides.

Huffington Post contributor Cyd Zeigler tweeted:
“I don’t understand why @whitehouse complains when someone talks about the President’s children when they also use kids to advance an agenda.”

Daily Caller contributor Jim Treacher’s tweet dripped with irony:
“What if some kids read aloud from their letters asking to make the @whitehouse a gun-free zone and keep @BarackObama and his children safe?”

“Is this shocking?” Townhall.com’s Leah Barkoukis asked. “Yes and no. Yes, of course, because the president is exploiting the murder of children to push a gun agenda and he’s using children to do it. But then again, this is the Obama administration, the same folks that brought us the ad that pretty much accused Mitt Romney of killing a man’s wife.”


All four videos can be viewed at Townhall.com, but we’ve included Hinna’s video below as a fait representation of them all.

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8 thoughts on “White House uses kids in ad after describing NRA ad ‘repugnant and cowardly’

  1. Obama is the one that stated this BS. so don't point the finger at The NRA as a vetern i beleive in the constitution and the right to bear Arms . if you don't you don"t have to so leave my weapons that i fought and carried for fredom give your weapons tk Obama and bide to sell to drug cartell to kill little kid in Mexico . Don't F/// with my weapons

  2. Tim Thomas says:

    The young are so innocent and have sponges for brains, what they hear they remember. I remember when Hitler surrounded himself with children to get his point over. Mr. President, when the people that protect your lousey ass give up their guns then I might do the same. Go back to Chicago and do that neighborhood thing that you do.

  3. allenhip says:

    What should we do to STOP the scentless KILLING of children and people across America?

    Please make some suggestions – we need to try some kind of reasonable control of the violence that is gun related.

    To do nothing means we failed the children that died, shame on those who refuse to take guns away from the unstable people who should not have access to mass killing weapons with hundreds of rounds to kill people.

  4. Ted says:

    Obama using the children as a backdrop was pure drama. I think it did what it was supposed to: get people's attention, especially to the fact that the majority of casualties at Newton were children. I personally object to the use of children, although I can see how it worked for him. The NRA just plain stepped in it. The President's children are in a completely different category. The Secret Service are tasked to protect all members of the president's family by law. The NRA seemed to completely ignore, or didn't know, that comparing the protection the president's children have to the protection that school children have was an apple and oranges situation. I personally believe that every school should have a dedicated armed resource officer. If necessary, counties should have an extra tax to get it done. Period.

  5. Zaphod says:

    Well, how about we take away his guns? Sure, let's think about that one for a moment.

    What about that knife in his kitchen.. that too can kill. – Better take that away.

    Maybe he'll look up how to make a bomb and… you guessed it, kill others, probably lots. – Take away his computer and access to household cleaners and chemicals.

    What about his hands… yup, those can kill too. – Let's go for it, and take those off while we're at it.

    Listen, for centuries, man has been killing man. It's not 'scentless'. It really stinks.

    Believe it or not, it might seem senseless to the majority of people, but I'd wager that those that commit atriocious crimes such as those like murder, rape, torture, etc. are well within their logical capacity to reason and think normally. Many killers have very LOGICAL reasons for killing, despite the fact that the rest of us may or may not understand their reasoning.

    Hand over all YOUR defenses and we may think about handing over some of ours, yet I can guarantee you I'll never stop defending myself and those I love from people like you who try to deem there to be some ' bar' with which to gauge who can have a gun or any type of weapon, really.


    Like 23 executive orders to 'enforce' gun control…

  6. Bob says:

    We don't have a gun problem – we have a cultural problem. Personal responsibility is non-existant any more. That goes for the entertainment media that expoits not only extreme violence and social mal-adjustment but to our news media that actually in a perverse way makes already sick people think they will be famous but doing such horrible acts as we saw in CT. Hussein Obama could help but he is probably the most irresponsible.

  7. Nanny says:

    He used his daughters during his campaign and while signing a worthless piece of paper about guns. But tell me this, why are his daughters any better then then rest of the country's children?? He will use kids when it suits him but his daughters are off limits. Hipocrit.

  8. Nanny says:

    Guns don't kill……….People kill. When are you idiots going to get that through your thick skulls.

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