Bipartisan agreement to withhold senators’ salaries if they fail to pass budget

The following statement was released Friday on the House of Representatives Committee on the Budget website.

Earlier today, House Republicans announced a path forward on the nation’s near-term budget challenges. The 1974 Congressional Budget Act requires passage of a budget resolution by April 15 each year. Under Senator Harry Reid’s leadership, the Senate has refused to pass a budget for 1,360 days. As the Administration and Congress work through opportunities to cut government spending, there will be no consideration of a long-term debt-ceiling increase unless both the House and the Senate pass a long-term budget plan. The plan also includes a bipartisan proposal to withhold Senators’ salaries if they fail to pass a budget.

In response to the plan outlined by House Republican leaders, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following statement:

“I stand in strong support of the agreement reached by my colleagues today. Our conference has united around a common-sense proposal. It rests on the recognition that our challenge is twofold: We have to pay our bills today, and we have to make sure we can pay our bills tomorrow. To achieve both ends, we must cut spending and budget responsibly.

“Since taking the majority, House Republicans have done their job. We’ve passed a budget that promotes economic growth and gets spending under control. But for nearly four years, Senate Democrats have refused to pass a budget. Today’s agreement will hold the Senate accountable for this legal and moral failure. Just as April 15 is tax day for American families, it is budget day for Congress. Unless the Senate acts, there will be no consideration of a long-term debt-ceiling increase. I look forward to working with my colleagues—in both houses and in both parties—on this vital issue.”

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22 thoughts on “Bipartisan agreement to withhold senators’ salaries if they fail to pass budget

  1. buck dude says:

    Yeah, this will be passed when we see pigs fly and chickens waller in mud.

    This is the way it should be, no budget no pay. They should also get Social Security only, like the majority of Americans.

    Sad part is, it just won't happen….

  2. zeprin says:

    Sorry but I think they can legaly do that. I believe the Constitution requires for members to be paid when in session.

    iirc, a throw back to when the English Crown tried to overpower Parliment by not paying them.

    BUT there's nothing that says that the STAFFS have to be paid. Or the the LIGHTS have to be on. Or the phones. Or any of the other things that make a Senatorial office work. A Sentator doesn't need any of that to PASS a budget. It's already written. All HE has to do is vote. So vote and get your lights turned back on. Kinda like the reality of your constituants who need to do things to keep their lights on.

  3. RUSerious says:

    More evidence of the ignorance of these officials, it is unconstitutional to withhold payment to Congress.

    1. Ladyliberty says:

      Then cite the Article and Section, dumbass. It AIN'T THERE.

  4. Big Dem says:

    "When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated."

    — Thomas Jefferson to Charles Hammond, 1821. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, (Memorial Edition) Lipscomb and Bergh, editors, ME 15:332

  5. Ted says:

    Withholding salaries for congress wouldn't work. They are too protected. Besides many of them could go for months withour pay because so many of them are independently wealth, or have "other means" that would keep their costs covered. Better to get them under the threat of recall. Get people together, get the numbers and petitions organized. Nothing gets a politician's attention than being tossed out of office. Power is addictive.

    1. Ralph says:

      I totally agree with that along with taken Obama's pay and the pay of all his communist registered cazars that are working behind the front lines to create all that is going on for Obama while he keeps everyone watching him on the golf course

  6. Rich says:

    Thank you Ladyliberty. The congress abides by the old adage ; Do as I say not as I do. If the people will not push their congressional leaders to work for them and hold them accountable then their leaders will push their constituents in the hole and in the process take away more of their rights. Never give up.

  7. Carol Carter says:

    I am so saddened that Paul Ryan/Mitt Romney ticket lost. I wonder IF they did lose – I seriously doubt many of the voting

    reported. Come on folks – Counties where not even ONE republican vote placed? At least we still have some control.

    I believe it is time our ELECTED congress stands up to act as the people who voted for them expect. Not just being 'talkers' and yey sayers, but WORKING to get things accomplished and to put a STOP to this liberal attack on America! Our system is supposed to be a balance of power – three executive branches. HOW CAN CONGRESS allow a president of unknown origin who may not even be legally in office make ALL THE RULES? STOP THIS aggresion now! Stand up and take America back before it turns into a horrible civil war again. The MAJORITY does NOT WANT Socialism. We cannot buy everything for

    everone and they pay NOTHING. A couple cannot manage even their own household in such a way. What makes these little gods in Washington think they can? It appears to be an internal push to ruin America and I believe every good man and woman should stand up and be counted! It's time the MAJORITY is heard and counted! Mitt and Paul – Thank you for the effort you put into your campaign. I cannot believe you didn't win. I am not a sore loser, but I am a believer for freedom, justice, and the American Way! God bless you both and your families!

  8. Billie Layland says:

    At last, a real answer to the way business has been run. If this is not approved, the Senate will fail in both ways. I'm tired of

    everything that concerns the budget being pushed to the back and forgotten. To much running and hiding things in this administration to suit me. I didn't vote for him and I disagree with everything he says and does; as far as I am concerned, it will always be President Mitt Romney.

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