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Video: Don’t register gun-owners like sex offenders

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell debated the gun control legislation President Obama is calling for versus the Constitutional right to bear arms with Eric Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America.

“If there is an area of agreement that we have with the President,” Pratt said, “he quoted from the Declaration of Independence saying that all men are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. And that’s a very important concept of inalienable   rights, because whether it’s the right to vote, right to sit behind a microphone, or the right to choose how I’m going to protect myself, all those rights cannot be infringed, as the Second Amendment says.”

“Well, they can be infringed,” Mitchell countered, “because the First Amendment is infringed, I have to obey all sorts of regulations from the FCC, there are things we can’t say in a crowded theater, so every right also carries with it responsibilities and obligations.”

Pratt used logic to deliver his final blow.

“What’s interesting about that, though, is we don’t gag people before they go into the theater, we punish the lawbreakers,” he reasoned. “And in the same way, we would argue punish those who abuse the right, but don’t gag law-abiding citizens before they exercise their right. We shouldn’t be registering them like sex offenders, like they are in New York. We shouldn’t be in any way impeding them if they have not committed a crime.”

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